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  1. Just out of curiosity in what program were those doggos modeled and animated?
  2. This crate needs more Polys! I love the Colt btw
  3. OR how about this, they buy the Chinooks from the radar dome then the Chinook is airdropped by another Chinook? : O Or make the Chinook invisible so it just looks like only 1 Chinook?
  4. If I'm honest I think we will make more progress if we candidate maps that as Push stated don't already have Hinds, that being said the are almost no maps suitable for this treatment (perhaps pipeline but I doubt it), so I think it is more than likely we will need to do some long waiting for either the MiGs or for someone to make a map more catered to Yak play.
  5. Not gonna lie I didn't expect the bit with the Dog xD
  6. I would like to add the part that makes it even better is how Testament is asking for a RS and me being the only RS nearby instead went and ran head first though gunfire, past Mammoth tanks and M.A.D tanks just to get close to Az xD
  7. "Ideas for improvements of infantry only maps" Add vehicles
  8. This is a bit of detour back to the start of the post but I would like to say I really would love to see this happen, I for one would defiantly take part anyway siege is cool, good map
  9. Instead of deploying could pressing Q rather just give the Arty/V2 large amounts of traction while reducing engine power immensely? I still imagine some skulduggery going on but wont this mean you can still be effected by ramming to an extent? anyway not sure if it would be any different when put into practice xD
  10. Indeed I am familiar with that strategy ^_^ it works works well because all the allies are so focused on the Soviet base they don't watch their side lol In all honesty I've never tried this, I have a bias against V2s in general because I get them killed so quickly but I'll be sure to try this strat when i get the chance Yeah I see the similarity now that you mention it xD, I personally like the watchtower tunnel idea a bit more because I think infantry would be a bit easier to get rid of from there but still have the opportunity to do some damage, anyhoo
  11. Hey all, Under sure is a fun map lately... if you are the Allies that is! Look at all this fire power! those communists can't even step out of their base without getting blown back to Stalingrad! And by cutting off their income we've made certain they have no hope of ever sending large scale retaliation, very clever if i do say so myself. Whats that cadet? The soviets have a cost effective infantryman equipped with an RPG that is capable of destroying our glorious fire power? THEY ARE HIDING IN THE TUNNELS RIGHT NOW READY TO STRIKE?? Oh never mind they either all died in that explosion or they had to retreat Hahaha! but you know that last attack has me thinking cadet... if the Soviets had some form of access tunnel linking from their base to the top of the hill we might actually have to do some fighting for once, those RPG troopers could actually pose a viable threat from up there! but its a darn good thing that there isn't said tunnel so instead the soviets all die horribly to our assault isn't that right cadet? TL;DR I've been noticing a sequence of events unfold in the Under map in the same manner more and more often, the total allied mechanized dominance over the center, once this stage gets reached it usually concludes in the demise of the soviets sooner or later, now the factors leading to this circumstance could range from V2s being harder to use in the small map, or to the allies advantage in terms of mechanic units repairing what little damage soviets manage to do to allied tanks and artillery, however I would like to propose a map adjustment for the dev team to mull over. The core concept is an access tunnel either leading to the top of the hill exiting like so Or a tunnel exiting to the North west end of the map near or around the watchtower area, both of these are mainly to create access points for infantry to reach the center area and contribute to the combat without being slaughtered as soon as they leave base, thus giving opportunities to attack enemy vehicles and put up more of a fight like so obviously these two access points should be accessible for both teams however I would think the paths back to their respective bases should be team locked to prevent even more infantry rush routes, anyway that is up for debate as well, but really let me know what you all think of the idea, talk about your reasoning behind why you think it's either good or bad, necessary or unnecessary, lets hear it all!
  12. that indoor V2 made me spill ma coffee
  13. I don't know about you guys but Anthem looked pretty cool, even tho the destiny under currents were clearly everywhere. EDIT: there is no way that dog is CGI
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