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  1. Just out of curiosity in what program were those doggos modeled and animated?
  2. This crate needs more Polys! I love the Colt btw
  3. Yeah I always avoided getting wolves because they were so much harder to aim at infantry with, this has rectified it and now those cyborgs are in for a whoppen :D
  4. Oh shit so It is the Ion Cannon *excuse my french* Well that's what I think I'm reading xD I am a colossal idiot after all
  5. Oh turns out I just need glasses thanks Az xD
  6. Although a huge part of me wants to mess with layers and overlays on the image for 2 hours until it reveals something I have a lot of work to do rn XD If I do go ahead with that plan I'll post any finds
  7. What? Killing You is evolving! ------------------------------------------------------------ Congratulations! Your Killing You Evolved into Killing You With Anticipation!
  8. "Release scheduled for 2057" XD
  9. Finally some REAL balance As for units that are cannon, have 6 or so letters and have not been implemented we have the Kodiak and the Montauk as possible candidates but realistically I don't see those being added XD The name of the Unit appears to start with a letter of a specific shape, letters that match the shape are O,C,Q and to a lessor degree S and U Furthermore I doubt it will be anything life a floater or fiend as their full title "Tieberium Fiend" wouldn't fit the 6 letter quota that is being obscured unless they are shortened to "Fiend" but even then it doesn't start with the correct letter, assuming my typography analysis is correct. anyway I don't have anymore units to suggest, all the things I can think of either have been implemented/ will be implemented or don't fit my silly criteria xD
  10. There is a small blurb of text that is heavily obscured but this is what I've made out so far. The few obscured words of the first line are " Detecting ...... Zone..." The second line "Final Analysis Of ....." the subject name is appears to be what follows, I can cross reference the amount of possible letter space being obstructed to existing Tiberian Sun characters and units and then triangulate what the actual words are afterwords The first thought that came to mind is Cabal, I calculated the word to reach around 6 letters but it is still possible suppose xD I also referenced the UI as it would be and tried to match it to the UI of what I could but didn't find a match anywhere really.
  11. OR how about this, they buy the Chinooks from the radar dome then the Chinook is airdropped by another Chinook? : O Or make the Chinook invisible so it just looks like only 1 Chinook?
  12. If I'm honest I think we will make more progress if we candidate maps that as Push stated don't already have Hinds, that being said the are almost no maps suitable for this treatment (perhaps pipeline but I doubt it), so I think it is more than likely we will need to do some long waiting for either the MiGs or for someone to make a map more catered to Yak play.
  13. Not gonna lie I didn't expect the bit with the Dog xD
  14. I would like to add the part that makes it even better is how Testament is asking for a RS and me being the only RS nearby instead went and ran head first though gunfire, past Mammoth tanks and M.A.D tanks just to get close to Az xD
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