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IA Game Night - 16/12/17

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Finally! It is time for IA to be in the spotlight!

It's been some time since Imperial Age joined W3D hub. Behind the very iron curtain of W3D Hub, it's being worked on constantly. Now, we from W3D Hub, invite you to come and join our DISCORD server this coming Saturday at 6pm GMT for a few rounds of Renegade Imperial Age. All are welcome!


So what are you waiting for? Blow the dust off of your Renegade disc on the shelf and install it on your computer, because it is time for Renegade!

December 16th, 10AM GMT-8

December 16th, 6PM GMT /

December 17th, 2AM GMT+8/


Check out the count down here!

Only at ImperialAge_AOW #Pioneer server.


What is Imperial Age?

Imperial Age is a Renegade modification, brought to you by ImperialKaskins ( also known as Kaskins or Yap ), dblaney1, KTFF, and the rest of the IA team. Imperial Age features a massive amount of added features to the Renegade experience, introducing numerous new vehicles and tanks for both GDI and Nod, 20+ maps with unique strategies to each, rebuildable bases from the Construction Yard, and so much more!

How do I play Imperial Age?


First and foremost, as a Renegade mod you will require a copy of Renegade on your computer. Whether your copy comes from the original discs, the First Decade collection, Origin, or elsewhere, any will do so long as you have it.

Secondly, you will need RenList to access the Imperial Age server. You can download RenList from this link: https://w3dhub.com/forum/files/file/16-renlist-109/

Once you have RenList, this is the screen you will come across. This screen shows you the available servers that you can join. You may then ask, "How do I download the other files needed to play Imperial Age?" That's the magic of it! Downloading Imperial Age is as easy as joining the server!


Our server is the one named ImperialAge_AOW #Pioneers. Upon joining the server, you will then automatically download the needed files to get ingame and playing! It's as easy as that!

But before you do that! Do take a look at the Options tab and select Settings.

Once you have Settings open, first take a look at General.

In the General tab, you have two easy steps.

Step 1. Find your Renegade executable. Select the [ . . . ] box and browse around for your game.exe and select it.
Step 2. Enable the +multi parameter by checking the box beside it.

After that, go to the GSA tab.

Here at the GSA tab, two even easier steps!

Step 1. Enable GSA by checking that box.
Step 2. Enter your desired nickname!

Hit that Save button and you are all set!

Playing Imperial Age


You made it! You're in!

Now get out there and experience Renegade as you never have before! Why, even a visit to the nearest Purchase Terminal will give you a glimpse of what Imperial Age has to offer!

Thank you for your time in following this tutorial. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask here and I and the W3D Hub team will be glad to help! See you ingame!



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If I do, I'll drop a link to the W3D Hub Twitch. If not, expect some gameplay footage compiled into a video showing off gameplay and action.

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2 minutes ago, xCommanderJackx said:

OMG I COME I WILL COME MY FRIENDS AND EINSTEIN PLS BE THERE TOO im sry that I dont anwersed you about the thing we talk but pls I want to play this with you 

of fuck moment when its dont goes over the w3d server I cant come because my origin man 

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