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Query on uploading


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Soooooo, long time no see, hope you'r all doing well :)

Anyway, I was digging around on my old PC the other day when I came across an old copy of W3D TSR complete with a (semi) intact version of the modified textures pack I made way back when.

For prosperity sake I thought, "aha didn't W3D hub now have a downloads section, possibly some of the people over their might like it, for nostalgia's sake"  and decided to rip it and prep it for download... however after checking it (and finding it all still works despite being an older version of the textures) I also discovered that I had some of the other old mods people did back then as well. Namely:

- The Blue Tiberium infused flame for the DT.

- The altered weapon sounds (not sure what the actual mod was called... classic TS weapons or something?)

- The  classic TS purchase icons.


SO (I seem to be using that a lot this post) My question(s) is/are this:

1) Can anyone remember who made those mods?

2) Do people want them uploading again (as part of the pack)

3) If said  Mod creators are still around , is it alright to upload them? (If you give me names, I'll credit them in the description)

4) If said Mod creators are long gone, what is W3D's stance on uploading anyway and crediting the original author assuming I can find said authors name (seems a shame to lose/deny them to players)

I can remove them from the upload if it causes issues, although it will probably take awhile :(

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Off the top of my head, I believe @Threve did the classic TS icons. Regarding the questions of uploading, I'm for it with the proper credit given, and you can even catch Threve in ECW occasionally. However, more input from others may be of help here.

Good to see you again Dave!

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I think we still have an archive of all the original uploaded mods from the old forum, I'm not sure if there were any plans to review them for compatibility and load them onto the downloads area though.

Ideally we'd upload them using the generic w3dhub admin account and add the credit to it, to avoid it being tagged as uploaded by a particular user.

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Good to see you around again Dave and thanks for posting this thread!

I'll make sure that this file review gets put on our road-map for this year so that we can get it done. Our download section is looking a little bare after all! :)

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On 14/01/2018 at 8:23 AM, DeviousDave said:

Fair enough, thanks for the input.

After dapaul88's comment I'll remove anything that isn't mine from the upload when I get around to it :)

Ty for the mentions guys. Feel free to upload/reupload/edit anything of mine or content/textures. The TS PT Icons were done by me and they should work still. I dont have them anymore as i haven't played TSR in a while. I'd imagine since it has been updated all you would need to do is update the PT Icon names unless they are the same still. in which case they should still work.

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