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  1. Fair enough, thanks for the input. After dapaul88's comment I'll remove anything that isn't mine from the upload when I get around to it
  2. Soooooo, long time no see, hope you'r all doing well Anyway, I was digging around on my old PC the other day when I came across an old copy of W3D TSR complete with a (semi) intact version of the modified textures pack I made way back when. For prosperity sake I thought, "aha didn't W3D hub now have a downloads section, possibly some of the people over their might like it, for nostalgia's sake" and decided to rip it and prep it for download... however after checking it (and finding it all still works despite being an older version of the textures) I also discovered that I had some of the other old mods people did back then as well. Namely: - The Blue Tiberium infused flame for the DT. - The altered weapon sounds (not sure what the actual mod was called... classic TS weapons or something?) - The classic TS purchase icons. SO (I seem to be using that a lot this post) My question(s) is/are this: 1) Can anyone remember who made those mods? 2) Do people want them uploading again (as part of the pack) 3) If said Mod creators are still around , is it alright to upload them? (If you give me names, I'll credit them in the description) 4) If said Mod creators are long gone, what is W3D's stance on uploading anyway and crediting the original author assuming I can find said authors name (seems a shame to lose/deny them to players) I can remove them from the upload if it causes issues, although it will probably take awhile
  3. I Live AGAIN (sort of ) And I bring a gift of FREEEDDDOOOMMM! Starpoint Gemini 2 is now FREE on Steam until 24th May 2017 Simply add it to your library and it's yours forever! linky link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150/Starpoint_Gemini_2/
  4. Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition is currently free on GOG for the next 21 hours (02/12/2016) https://www.gog.com/game/neverwinter_nights_diamond_edition You can also grab Shadow Warrior Classic for free too https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_complete
  5. So Back (with a capitol B) with more free goodness... And this ones a tad old (aka I completely forgot about it [slaps self in face]) DIASPORA a FREE STANDALONE Battlestar Galactica flight sim based on the old Freespace 2 engine http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=81859.0 This is about as close as you'll get to actually sitting in a Vipers cockpit screenies + vid
  6. You know, every time I see the name of this map... I just can't help but think of the game Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising Great map by the way (I'll just see myself out)
  7. N-N-nnnnnnnEEECCCCCRRRRRROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Have a free necromancy card Couldn't resist (sorry)
  8. In the name of Gaming! The Gaming Rig lives in death! In the name of Gaming! The Gaming Rig lives in death! IN THE NAME OF GAMING! THE GAMING RIG.... THE GAMING RIG LIVES! Just got back from the PC repair shop, guys who work there took one look at the PSU and basically told me it was toast. One hour later, I'm £140 lighter and have a new (and improved) PSU. Turns out that a capacitor in the PSU had blown and shredded a nearby Transistor which in turn caused it to the slag itself and short the PSU
  9. Thanks guys, Didn't know about the whole leaving it plugged in issue so thanks for the heads up Currently using a Corsair AX... something... (embarrassed silence) it's either a 760 or 860 can't get a good look at the label with the way it's set up and the documentation I have is for both PSU. I suppose this is what I get for letting a friend build it for me.... Either way I'm probably going to take it through to a PC repair shop tomorrow and let them take a gander at it, hopefully won't cost too much.
  10. Sooo... after reading the other Pc gone wrong related topic on here and seeing how many IT repair men W3D has I decided to throw this little puzzler at you. About 5 - 6 weeks ago my main gaming rig ran into an issue, after powering on at the mains (wall socket) the PC wouldn't power up via the power on button for about 10 - 20 minutes, after which it ran fine with no issue. Annoying but I could live with it. About 3 weeks ago however it upped the delay between power on at the wall and PC actually powering up via the button to about 1 hour (and a bit) - rather alarming considering I only got it built last year After opening her up, cleaning the inside and replacing the CMOS battery (I think that was what they called it) with no results I came up with a lazy man solution... don't switch the power off at the wall and just unplug everything else from the multisocket except the PC when not in use Well I went on holiday... ...and pulled the plug... ...you can see where this is going can't you? Yep, Just got back today and the ole girl will not wake up for her morning coffee and gaming session, it's been about 12 hours as of posting since I got back and I think it's safe to say "She's dead Jim" So anyone got any ideas as to what killed her? I suspect it's the PSU even though when she was acting weird, once powered up she ran like a champ even under heavy load which if the PSU was faulty you would think would have affected it. Either that or it's something stupid and someone here will point it out at which point I will be forced to double facepalm
  11. WasteLand 2 is currently having a FREE weekend on STEAM! play now until Monday 10am pacific! http://store.steampowered.com/app/240760/
  12. Just a heads up for anyone interested, FRACTURED SPACE has now gone free2play and can be downloaded from STEAM
  13. I was skeptical about this movie (seemed like it was just going to be the 'ching' to Force Awakens 'cha' to keep the money rolling in) but it actually looks like they put a bit of thought into it.
  14. Taken BioShock 2, thanks a million
  15. That... ... IS... ... AWESOME! Added to favorite mods, would up vote but I don't own Cities Skyline
  16. Unless you play a thread necro-card... here's a free one on the house: Oh and have something to contribute
  17. What I would be interested in seeing is, as the OP said, how the RA-APB units fared against TSR units. so NOD + GDI vs Soviets + Allies How do you think each alliance would fair on the others maps?
  18. heck, we even have the perfect clan tag, W3D
  19. You could have a voting system I suppose to elect a player as a commander or kick him from the role if he/she sucked. Don't know how the UI for a player commander would work
  20. MOAR FFRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM! Steam has a couple of titles on at the moment that are having a free weekend SUNLESS SEA: A rouge like, top down, ship sailing game where you explore a underground sea in a universe where a Victorian era London sank beneath the earth (seriously, that's the games plot line) Sail around on your Steam ship and encounter all sorts of weirdness, go mad, run out of fuel and you eat your crew. FRACTURED SPACE: Just got updated with MM and has had a tech tree revamp and reset so it's the perfect time to join in while everyone is still at Lv1(ish)... also new trailer
  21. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Dirt Pizza (drools)
  22. Because the RA timeline units are all babies. TS units are all men who ride their broken plane into the ground while playing a sick guitar solo on a flaming guitar
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