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  1. Awhh... We're not gonna have that cool techno song? Edit: Having the original TS Menu theme! yesy es!
  2. I just think there needs to be more gravity when it feets lands, like it's stomping. As the others have said, it just looks a bit floaty. Is it possible to show a clip of the Wolverine too? if that got improved? - Thanks.
  3. People i've noticed have been shitting on it, and asking questions like "Why isn't it 3D if it's a remaster?" etc People forget it's a remaster, not a remake.A remaster is like the PS3 version of Shadow of Colossus same style of graphics, but updated to a higher resolution, usually new UI too sometimes maybe a few bug fixes and tweaks.. a Remake Version would be like the PS4 version, built brand new engine, and all new assets. Dark Souls Remastered this into the category of also being a remaster not a remake. A remake would be if the made it from scratch but using the engine of Dark Souls III. I Dunno what people were expecting, this game so far is exactly how i pictured it would look.
  4. Titan Animation does look odd It animated better in the cutscenes. And in a lot of the still pictures it looks like it's standing better and walking differently. It's better than the current/old one that's for sure. But there's something off about it. I was gonna say and/or thinking the animation in the Gif looks Floaty, like it's lacking weight. it looks like it's gliding.
  5. Are the Nod buildings gonna be getting tweaked? I noticed the GDI Barracks, War Factory and now Refinery got updated. Any changes for Nod stuff? Like For Hand of Nod? or the Powerplants to make them less cramped? Like the stairs you can get stuck on in the Nod Advanced powerplant?
  6. My problem is that you'll always know where it's at. Unless it's designed so you can't highlight it?
  7. I remember testing that map. (that really small one) when it was in development. Ahh good times.
  8. Hot damn. Nice to see the Refinery getting a size increase. Looking forward to the new version :D is this for TSR 2.0?
  9. The Legs are finally in their correct position! Woohoooo! Also i'm really happy you can no longer get a DT and block it basically.
  10. Barracks was so chaotic and fun to mine lol. Looks good
  11. Late reply, i know.. But come'on... This is like so awesome.. I know TSR has like, a super high standard with songs on maps. But this fits so well... Had this playing on the background of Renegade X and omg it made the batte 4x as epic
  12. is the unit to get any alt fire? like a MG Gun?
  13. Very interesting. Does any this work in the game/mod bare any evolution from The Scripts that Renegade used on community servers and earlier versions of APB back when Bloom was a new thing? Suppose if you've tinkered around with a engine for as long as this one you'll find stuff it's capable of. Still i bet back in the Development of the game itself (renegade) Westwood never thought the engine nor the game itself would have been able to achieve so much. The giant ants made me lol, even if the animations are a bit stiff at times.
  14. So? Goal is? you fire missiles and have to return to the airfield to reload? Still shocked what you guys managed to pull off with the engine. Maybe i'm out of the loop, but what causes this to be possible? Is it the scripts 2.0 or something, or am i too old?
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