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  1. Barracks was so chaotic and fun to mine lol. Looks good
  2. Late reply, i know.. But come'on... This is like so awesome.. I know TSR has like, a super high standard with songs on maps. But this fits so well... Had this playing on the background of Renegade X and omg it made the batte 4x as epic
  3. is the unit to get any alt fire? like a MG Gun?
  4. Very interesting. Does any this work in the game/mod bare any evolution from The Scripts that Renegade used on community servers and earlier versions of APB back when Bloom was a new thing? Suppose if you've tinkered around with a engine for as long as this one you'll find stuff it's capable of. Still i bet back in the Development of the game itself (renegade) Westwood never thought the engine nor the game itself would have been able to achieve so much. The giant ants made me lol, even if the animations are a bit stiff at times.
  5. So? Goal is? you fire missiles and have to return to the airfield to reload? Still shocked what you guys managed to pull off with the engine. Maybe i'm out of the loop, but what causes this to be possible? Is it the scripts 2.0 or something, or am i too old?
  6. I don't have the originals no more, HDD wiped a while back ? I can always remake them though, i have the assets i used i believe. But they wouldn't look the exact same.
  7. Only thing i like is the thumbnail artwork and the way some of the vehicles looked in the trailer. Just a generic Mobile game over than that with C&C slapped on it.
  8. This will be my place-holder topic for anything i make related that is? or could be utilized for Reborn or W3D hub completely free and welcomed of use without credit on my behalf, Signatures, Banners, Signs, Textures, wallpapers, Feel free to use it, i'll upload it all to here if it upload it to my DA Page. if i feel like making or contributing some Textures, or stuff, png format, or general stuff to placed on stuff like signs etc. Anything i make will be posted here. (Including the Banners W3D Hub are using) *Which i was surprised* Thread will be updated with new assets and whatnot whenever i make them and or upload them to my DA page I Mostly make signatures, check my Deviant Art-page (Mostly Requests and Freelance) https://edd000.deviantart.com/gallery/ But i don't mind contributing to whatever. I'm not the best, but i can make stuff! Anything that will help.
  9. Well that too, Flame Tanks or Stanks on the Bay area made it impossible to repair unless you went the back way, and depending on the map, it often made it so you had to go all the way around to get to it, plus the area itself was so tiny and cramped often you'd be blown up or knifed.. Very welcomed changed. (unexpected) But welcomed) I kinda feel like the GDI barracks is in the same spot too, really tiny and cramped, but thankfully easily to mined too.
  10. Nice, the GDI War Factory always felt inferior to the Nod one from a interior design perspective.
  11. Found this Remixed Version of Mechanical man a while back, and i figured, wouldn't it sound awesome in Reborn as a map song? Dunno if new Songs are always welcomed for Reborn or not, cos i heard a while ago the Main Menu for Reborn was gonna get a song change.
  12. Is this gonna be fixed at some point? cos the jaggies are crazy. Doesn't even work when i try to force it in my control panel :/
  13. Does anyone know if the setting is broken or something? I can't seem to actually get it to work even if i turn it on in-game :/
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