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Black Hand light tanks

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I had an 800 GDI centurion and destroyed a bh laser light with over 80% hp in a single shot. they need to like remove sweet spots or something cause their and absolute waste of money

also make the t54 cheaper

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Nod sucks because of @notDMB's nerfs.

Most battles are Nod camping vs GDI attacking. Nod can't attack because sucks a lot.

Buff Nod speed and firepower. And strdswagn is so fragile and expencive...

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I haven't advocated for anything except buffs for Nod for the last year, and the Black Hand Light Tank is one of the foremost on that list. They've been unchanged in three years and they've been terrible since before I started playing. What is this weird paradox where I'm simultaneously Nod biased and anti Nod depending on who you ask? 


Plus this was the last time I made significant contributions to balance suggestions and most of it was buffs for Nod, and most of it was also not implemented.

I haven't been a part of IA balance since 2019, these changes are mostly from other people who privately bug Kaskins in DM's. 2020 is almost exclusively not me, the only thing I can claim any amount of credit for is getting the Chaparral buffed for GDI and that hasn't even been added yet, and plenty of other people were clamoring for it besides me. 

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Nod could use a range buff for the super tank. Too many small fast long range GDI vehicles makes it hard to hold ground.

mostly it’s the T-62 that out performs the Supertank I feel.

And yes Nod light tank needs some love, maybe some more armor

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