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  1. Saturday and Sundays are generally fine for me. But time wise I think 9PM BST is okay too. For future events, it would be nice if some sort of 'fun' elements were brought back from previous events. Like superweapons randomly going off, crates, CABAL being a magnificent douche and other zany stuff. That was fun.
  2. Some more (actual) blue tiberium would be nice. Oh and tiberium creatures such as floaters and viceroids, what's happening with those? Most of my views are mostly down to unreleased stuff such as units, buildings, etc. Vehicle combat feels a bit of a drag currently so hopefully vehicle veterancy isn't too far off.
  3. Windows 7 (although to be honest, I wish I kept Vista), soon to be Windows 10.
  4. I'm actually a bit jelly of all these speeds, to be honest. Yes, what you're seeing is correct as I live in a remote part of the country. It's so bad in fact, that the server actually thinks I'm in the south of England in Weymouth(even though I live in the East of England). Now despite the stats, I can actually play games rather well, it's just the download speed is, well, crap. The British Government is spending around £500m (the Tory government doesn't like to spend a lot on us) to improve 95% of the country's broadband infrastructure. This apparently includes getting fibre optic. Apparently at the end of September, I can supposedly benefit from fibre optic according to BT (British Telecom). Although to be honest, I'd be happy with just unlimited as I don't download a lot. Before I moved, I had 2MB and that was plenty enough. So yeah, British internet is rather third world at times~
  5. I would say these two are most important: The rest can be added at a later date. It also probably wouldn't hurt going around Steam(I know), Origin and EA's forums and telling people there.
  6. What I find more absurd is how GDI can just dump mines in Nods' own base, the worst offender being the Hand of Nod. Spam mines around the sole entrance, get a Riot Trooper to camp the door and kill any Technician or Engineer or any other soft infantry whilst the mines keep the Cyborgs away. But yeah, EMP immunity for the Cyborg Commando would be great. Also, the MRV has some tricky aiming when it comes to disarming mines, you literally have to get on top of said mine, which is harder than it looks.
  7. Does that mean the current MRV mechanic will be getting a rework then? Because it's a bit buggy right now.
  8. Is there any chance your maps can be manually linked? The background download seems to stop downloading for me resulting in the anti-cheat constantly blocking me (the game doesn't recognise the download stops as it thinks I have phantom files when in reality, I don't have them at all) Thanks in advance.
  9. If only it was that easy when the majority of the country and its jobs are zero-hours. I live in the countryside of Norfolk and most jobs are zero-hours plus it would take me over an hour to get into the nearest city (Norwich or King's Lynn). Not to mention getting back and the A47 is notorious. I only have strong experience in care work (I used to work for the NHS) and my qualifications are an NVQ LVL 2 in Business and Administration as well as for Health and Social Care. I also got 4 (or 5) B-grade GCSE's from a BTEC in Travel and Tourism. The crappy part is, I cannot even apply for basic jobs because I failed to get a C in either Maths and English due to some cockup at my old school. (Please don't tell me to go to a JC+ because I've had it with their smugness, rude and uncaring attitudes)
  10. Still unemployed. Still Arbeit macht frei attitudes spouting from our politicians. I honestly refuse to work until the exploitive zero-hours contracts are abolished. I am certainly not going to work until I drop whilst not being paid correctly or if not at all. That is essentially slave labour and I'm not doing it.
  11. The real question is, can you both guarantee players will even play it? People still have toasters as for PCs as it is and all this does is segregate the community. Why does the game needed to be ported at this time? There are already healthy numbers of people playing. On a side note, I remember back in 2013 during OWA's birthday there was 40 (maybe 50) people playing, it was glorious and it would be amazing to see such levels again.
  12. 1. GDI's counter are Officers and they do a pretty good job at dispatching Cyborgs. Granted you have to get a bit up close but they work. 2. Why is everyone suddenly complaining pistols are too stronger AFTER they receive a +1 damage increase lol.
  13. I'm no wizard when it comes to code... does that mean the Elite Confessor is actually *supposed* to be good or what? As I said, firing a few shots deals no damage because it seems you have to focus fire for a few seconds before the damage kicks in? As for the Cyborgs, I agree that there's a gross exaggeration going on with them, considering they're meant to be specialised is what makes them highly sought after. Let's not over nerf them to the point they are useless. Mines keep Cyborgs away from bases and areas of interest which people don't really utilise anymore. If Cyborgs are a problem then maybe raise the price a bit if need be.
  14. The firing sound, where you launch the grenade itself. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  15. Jumpjet Infantry: Range to be adjusted to reasonable levels (or maps flight ceiling to be configured properly so JJ's don't go to ridiculous levels and still outrange everything, Grandcanyon for example) Medic: No longer able to restore armour (?) although the with changes you specified, it may not be necessary. Confessor: Elite perk, whilst cool that it turns into a continous laser, is quite terrible. I noticed that it deals no damage (or very little) during the first few hits and it's very weak otherwise. Better off using a regular/veteran one. Elite Cadre & Officer: A very minor complaint but please change/restore the grenade ejection sound, it sounds like I'm opening a party popper and I can't take it seriously. Remove Binoculars as it stands they're quite useless and more suited to scouting units such as the Jumpjet. Plus it's easier for new players to get accustomed to these units without being overwhemled by options. I noticed the main weapon changes were reverted, why was that? Mutant Hijacker: Restoration of tiberium based weapon, it kind of makes no sense as to why it was removed as he completely sucks in self-defence. I would suggest at veterancy but I've never seen a Veteran/Elite Hijacker... A rework to a majority of veterancy perks, particularly Elite as it currently stands, are very generic. That's all I got for the moment.
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