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  1. Played many times with Justas_Prime and always funny.. just get this in mind, better we use the time to get things detailed and finished done instead of bugs and shitty lookings..
  2. Are you just trolling at this point? knowing the time I invested on this mod, your question sounds like an insult. Not trolling at all. Renegade X is composed of my old staff, if they don't make the switch I will just give them all the source material of the mod to make it happen then. Why you dont do both? TSR is soonly finished, ofc some details needed but it stays good in here.. and for RenX you can start also with what you have and what you have to update.. you could do both
  3. I already see this, but im just asking for a download link for omegacity map, only if it is possible, over PM or here
  4. Sorry for awake this topic.. just wanna ask where i can get this map omegacity again, cause since ive updated reborn its deleted, same for the tiber map and that dam map.. possible to hget a download link again? cause your download link is dead
  5. Sentry!! Good to see you around here again! I am loving the updated AFHQ and the base defences rotating like that looks great. Ye im a little bit back in the c&c community
  6. Really in love with my Juggernaut.. pics were from 2006 for Operation Flashpoint.. but the Jugger is still amazing.. needs new textures ofc...
  7. Better is to finish this mod on renegade's basic.. after this project you can think about to change to UDK.. just in remind, it will need a completly rework, in models and textures, scripts and codings.. so it will take a while again until a playable release is playable.. and it is also not sure if RenX will give out their scripting works and other stuff, cause thats their creation and honestly i would also not be that happy to give out my hard work to a other mod.. so this isnt sure if you can take some codings from them or you have to copletly do your own codings.. ofcourse the w3d engine is old, and many new engines are really good now.. but you have to uodate your computer, and most new games are so complicated and mixed with reality that its not doing fun to play.. in renegade/reborn, you can spawn, choose your unit, buy your unit, run, jump and shoot... in other games you cant run alltime cause of "realistics" and so on.. just keep in mind, this mod is still alive... other mods died, tiberian aftermath for BF vietnam as example.. tiberian eclipse.. or whats about tiberian sun rising, looks also dead, no more news on moddb.. many hours, days, weeks, months and years hard work on reborn mod... finish this one, would not be fair for other reborn members or ex members if it will be canceled for a other engine.. i think those real reborn mod fans will play this mod, and maybe some other ppl that see this mod from friends or over internet.
  8. The flipside is that Reborn won't attract any new players using this engine. The outcome long term will be worse than switching over to UDK. Losing all players and devs. Ofc but just remind how long Reborn is working on this modification. I know how shit it is to move to other engines.. i've started a tiberian sun mod in 2004 for Operation Flashpoint, moved then to Armed Assault (ArmA), lucky it was the same engine... after that we moved to Cryengine (Tiberian Genesis), we had/have to redo the whole mod models and textures and also learn all things new how to rig vehicles/characters and also learn all things new about scriptings... this is not shortly done.. Reborn is soon at final point here for W3d and to do all this stuff new will take a long time again.
  9. Problem is the "new" generation of gamers and players dont know Tiberian Sun.. And redo the whole work of Reborn needs much time, with this lowpoly models of Reborn you can completly restart the whole mod in UDK.. so what i would try to tell you, if they change to UDK the whole work of reborn mod was for nothing... just to be realistic.. so i understand why they wont
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