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  1. 22 hours ago, Jeod said:

    Again, I personally don’t want to pressure anyone to use real-life PTO for a mafia game. But if there needs to be more notice before a game starts, I can work with that.

    At the moment though I think nobody knows anyone’s schedules.

    I would never use PTO for mafia, I'm not that dedicated lol

    But if I knew that sometime later in the year there'd be a game, I'd be able to keep that in mind and not make too many commitments. I'm at the point in life where I've only got time for one videogame at a time. :suicide:

  2. 39 minutes ago, Shade939 said:

    For balance, if you're going to give Town multiple power roles, with abilities that'll self clear them and/or investigate players, or protect them from the NK, maybe give Mafia more ways to counteract it...

    There's a lot of what ifs where a NK didn't happen just because you'd need to basically roleblock anyone you targeted in game to kill them, and then still have the possibility of iLTS stopping the kill...

    But I didn't. And you still lost. 8)

  3. Just now, OrangeP47 said:

    Oh man, well we got plenty of time thankfully. At this point I don't think anyone's going to step forward with a revelation of the sort Shade wants, so...

    Yeah, don't have anything groundbreaking to share from last night. I'm pretty sure there's only two mafia at least. 

  4. Just now, Category 5 Hurricane said:

    That is an extremely unusual position for you to take. I don't think it's a bad argument, you just have always argued against no lynch before.

    Orange or me? I used to be against D1 no lynch, but I think it's better to not risk hitting town and also to give people a chance to actually play the game.

  5. 1 hour ago, Jeod said:

    So I'm reinstalling some games now that I have a rtx 2060, and in the process of acquiring the epic games launcher again since they gave my GTAV for free I saw Genshin Impact is on there (hadn't touched it since it wasn't on Steam). Is that game actually fun or is it just a waifu simulator?




    I can't confirm, but I have been told by friends who do play it that it is essentially Legend of Waifus: Breath of the Wild RPG. Take that with a grain of salt I guess lol

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