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  1. This should’ve been emphasized earlier
  2. Yep. Hence one of the reasons I said whoever visited me could keep their secrets.
  3. Nope, just double checked for your sake. Any visitor will get one.
  4. Anyone who visits me will receive a ticket as they are then dispensed. I am not holding onto tickets personally, the Oompa Loompas take care of that.
  5. Can’t see it possibly being negative, but not very positive either.
  6. KY, are you shenron or something? If so I can make a wish to make that dream a reality. Although I’d more likely just wish for Town to win.
  7. I wish. It’s my first game back in a year so I didn’t bother with getting too edgy with my character.
  8. I don’t recall Retal mentioning that he had a specific item. I’m not sure as I did receive an item so I’m assuming items still go through my passive.
  9. Then you never visited me and I never roleblocked you. The matter is set.
  10. No. Although now that you mention it, turning other players into disfigured Oompa Loompa versions of themselves would be very entertaining. Care to reply to my question now?
  11. Because of my ability. It sounds like there are more immobile players than expected. If so, than my ability doesn’t help as much as I thought it would.
  12. Hm...did you successfully pass me an item? If so, wanna try to Refinery what item you passed me and I’ll tell you if I received it?
  13. Interesting tidbit of information, passing items counts as visiting so if any of you are interested in the golden ticket and the wonders that come with it, feel free. Retal, I do think you spoiled too much info and much too early especially when I already mentioned when I’d be on. *sigh*
  14. I think I didn’t do anything to Shade since he didn’t get a ticket. Just a heads up, so my guess is someone RB’d him while someone stabbed him. Still on pg 20, trying to catch up. Retal, I thought my character is very original... Side note: you think kurosensei would be proud of whoever killed him?
  15. I think Choppy is only other one that said his would give you something, although he never said it was something good. Orange said his was passive defensive. I’m the only who’s assured other Townies that they’ll have a good time.
  16. No, nothing bad will happen to you. Well depends on your definition of bad, Scum probably wouldn’t appreciate.
  17. Nah, I’m not saying nothing. Whoever visits me can keep their secrets :b
  18. Then I will be disappointed since no new info would arise so it’d be a repeat of today
  19. Weird, I was thinking Choppy and I were more alike but suppose I know nothing about you aside from your weird defensive passive that sounds somewhat Ascetic
  20. Oh oh oh, please tell me why I’m suspicious Orange?
  21. Just finished page 11, but Orange, why are you worried about being gotcha’d? It usually shouldn’t be a concern for any town player as there’s no real slipping to happen...unless you’re Cat5 and pulling off a gambit. iLTS is scummy just for his usage of the “word” sus.
  22. Ah...alas we seem to be in similar boats. You and I may never be.
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