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  1. catting

    so early on red alert was not in the past it was still gdi and Nod , any info on that? how was ra development http://www.cncsaga.de/1482-interview-with-frank-klepacki.htm It was originally intended to be a Nod track, until I found out that Red Alert was a different setting. has joe kucan been a influence on the music, were you a influence on him? about retaliation what happend?, is there any memories of note?, did you meet the actors? https://psxdatacenter.com/images/covers/U/C/SLUS-00665.jpg intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhGyYqOX6xg full soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hbENch8Cqg also i enjoyed beatnuckle. did it or your time there inflence cnc? thanks
  2. catting

    i usually go engi in ht when soviet because no one else does im amazed that most experienced players dont go engi in their demo trucks when soviet, i usually do
  3. catting

  4. catting

    ok so thats why C4 has the delay. did you notice the minimap idea? i was thinking you click on the map to have pre set locations that later you activate in the chronotank, like q1 or q2 etc
  5. catting

    heh old times client_2-25-2017 [12:35:21] catting: the mods once showed us chronos and yaks [12:35:44] Host: (Pushwall@IRC): it'll act somewhat like the underground vehicles in reborn, but it will go much faster when "shifted" and will forcibly unshift after a while [12:35:53] Host: (Pushwall@IRC): so it can't perma-camp like a devils tongue can [12:36:04] catting: i was thinking of a map [12:36:13] catting: a minimap with xy coords [12:36:24] Host: (Pushwall@IRC): well we're just working with what we have [12:36:47] catting: you can preset destinations [12:36:59] catting: say 3 destinations [12:37:07] Host: (Alstar@IRC): sounds cool [12:37:20] Host: (Pushwall@IRC): it's also possible that if you screw up, your chronotank may die in the void... but due to how the game works [12:37:28] Host: (Pushwall@IRC): this leaves your infantry alive for just under a second [12:37:32] Host: (Alstar@IRC): RETURN OF BLUEGELL [12:37:38] catting: it can be encoded in the minimap [12:37:40] Host: (Alstar@IRC): BLUEHELL* [12:37:45] Host: (Pushwall@IRC): this is the big reason why i had to add a delay on C4 deployment [12:37:48] catting: the minimap has Z allready included
  6. catting

    the settings have switchable keysets maybe combination keypresses too also my current keyset does not have q, or . to repair
  7. catting

    first analog sticks are necessary to complement the d-pad for tolerable walking unless the apb code is changed for the d-pad alone a controller with more input buttons and maybe more sticks than the playstation would make things a lot easier i could not quite figure it out at that time [people kept on shooting me] and it got boring, maybe if i try more i can get it to work better , it would need to be in antimicros settings not apb [that would require a lot of coding that i dont understand] , im not sure even then, it is too slow in speed and response to be playable ,i think i could use jeep ok, you will be making use of the keyboard at some point ,like "dont buy demolition trucks" aim is too slow ,the mouse will probably be for sniping even with better settings apb does not play like halo xbox with the controller better antimicro settings might perhaps make it playable, but unlikely
  8. my avatar remember Dbl3qTs.jpg


    1. ChopBam
    2. catting



      [03:48:39] Host: (ChopBam@IRC): Catting I have an image that describes you perfectly
      [03:48:42] Host: (ChopBam@IRC): http://i.imgur.com/Dbl3qTs.jpg
      [03:48:43] lynx: cat come mid
      [03:48:52] Host: (ChopBam@IRC): Took this screenshot a few mins ago
      [03:49:28] catting: haahahahahah]
      [03:49:48] lynx: drive
      [03:49:58] ChopBam: that's just you all the time, lol
      [03:50:24] ChopBam: work to do

  9. hello


    1. TeamWolf


      Hey there,

      So following up on what was discussed in the Reborn server yesterday, there are a few things you should grab before we go any further to prepare before I show you anything.

      Follow the instructions here for Gmax and RenX.

      If you have any issues, please let me know!

      We can arrnage times for streaming soon with I've spoken to the other person interested.

      Kind regards,

    2. catting
  10. catting

    needs more kane
  11. catting

    delta acceleration gets the analouge stick response
  12. catting

    what should i do with the left stick they seem unessesary? unless i forgot something, also where should i fit in crouch
  13. catting

    if it doesent work run as administrator the playstation controller is slower, must work out how to get analouge to substitute mouse movement
  14. catting

    ok push
  15. catting

    what would be a good keymapping set for a playstation controller i am using antimicro i bought a logitech that has analoge sticks so that should make it easier the software can select one button to switch from keymap to keymap https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro