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  1. catting

    delta acceleration gets the analouge stick response
  2. catting

    what should i do with the left stick they seem unessesary? unless i forgot something, also where should i fit in crouch
  3. catting

    if it doesent work run as administrator the playstation controller is slower, must work out how to get analouge to substitute mouse movement
  4. catting

    ok push
  5. catting

    what would be a good keymapping set for a playstation controller i am using antimicro i bought a logitech that has analoge sticks so that should make it easier the software can select one button to switch from keymap to keymap https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro
  6. catting

    who is tomson and how did he extract those files
  7. catting

    i did not back off from after justas warnings because i went all hero
  8. catting

    in the apc i thought then if the first ft is dead attack the second
  9. catting

    [14:06:04] catting: i think on 2 occasions i c4d submarines [11:34:54] [Team] Pushwall: having more money we dont need wont help [11:35:03] [Team] Swirly: push can you kill our OT? [11:35:11] [Team] Pushwall: why [11:35:14] [Team] Swirly: stcuk [11:35:16] [Team] Pushwall: ffs [11:35:17] [Team] Swirly: *Stuck [11:35:20] [Team] Pushwall: DONT GET IT STUCK THEN [11:35:25] [Team] Swirly: lol [11:35:27] URKA: haha [11:35:36] catting: the ot is merged in the War Factory [11:35:40] Pushwall: impressive teamhampering from this side [11:35:45] URKA: hahahah [11:35:58] Pushwall: ramming ot into the War Factory, running around c4ing each other [11:36:06] URKA: wat really ? xD [11:36:06] TiberCHSL: nice strat [11:36:17] URKA: and soviet team was full of noobs? AHA ! [11:35:58] Pushwall: ramming ot into the War Factory, running around c4ing each other look^^ [02:53:27] [Team] Furs: nvm [02:53:31] AtariJaguar: we got an afk on or team [02:53:38] [Team] Raptor29a: mammoths inc [02:53:51] delta: let's stick C4 on him [02:54:01] [Team] Furs: that sniper on War Factory rood is VERY useful [02:54:06] [Team] Furs: roof* ive gone through 30 textfile days i think , i gave up looking for the complaint , i think it was on guard duty i shoot at players for different reasons sometimes at random sometimes if they are afk to wake them but with you it was because i am angry with the mute, i dont like being muted i keyboard bash because i cant use cunt and i use that because i dont take heavy losses well , i mean you killed me 9 times in a row as a kov tonight i was wondering how you did that, i got very frustrated what is mihai? :The second half of that log isn't even relevant to this, it's about Mihai. should i make multiple threads? im all confused i give up
  10. catting

    will kane be in it
  11. catting

    pushwall and justas you both seem to have it out for me pushwall when i have a C4 put on me i complain nothing happens , but when i put one on you its magically teamhampering also justas you know you told me to get into the apc and attack their defences i did not mean to "steal the apc" you told me to use it on the ft get in apc + attack their defences = shoot ft with apc [01:50:22] Justas_Prime: np [01:50:58] [Team] Justas_Prime: why the f u follow [01:51:15] [Team] Justas_Prime: get in apc [01:51:34] Meta: forgotten no [01:51:38] [Team] Justas_Prime: moron [01:51:39] Host: [BR] The mines placed by Minelayers depend on the team of the driver - Allies lay anti-tank, Soviets lay anti-personnel. Stealing an enemy Minelayer will NOT allow you to lay their type of mines. [01:51:42] [Team] Justas_Prime: catting# [01:51:44] [Team] Justas_Prime: move ur ass [01:51:52] Justas_Prime: catting u fucked moroon [01:52:10] Justas_Prime: srsly stole APC and wasted it [01:52:22] JackSparrow: wasted [01:53:19] JackSparrow: oh thats cute lol [01:53:42] JackSparrow: §½ [01:53:45] JackSparrow: ä [01:53:56] Meta: what [01:54:25] [Team] Justas_Prime: f off [01:54:26] [Team] Justas_Prime: mron [01:54:35] TrollekPL: XD [01:54:55] Host: Leon_Klaus currently has 49 recommendations [01:54:59] Host: [BR] For the server rules check the forums (http://w3dhub.com/forum). [01:56:38] [Team] Momok: mmt [01:56:56] Swirly: nah, just forgs# [01:57:01] forg0ten1: has died [01:57:44] Swirly: dirty mines... [01:58:19] Host: [BR] Visit www.w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/ to check your stats and the rank ladder! [01:59:07] Host: Ginosaji currently has 76 recommendations [01:59:26] Swirly: RUN CUNT [01:59:27] Host: Swirly has been warned by BR for 'using a disallowed word or phrase'. They now have 1 warning. [01:59:31] Swirly: oops [01:59:36] Leon_Klaus: [01:59:48] Host: Mihai does not have any recommendations yet [02:01:00] Justas_Prime: nah that pice of shot [02:01:04] Justas_Prime: piece of shit [02:01:09] Justas_Prime: ban him for once [02:01:19] Pushwall: ok [02:01:23] Pushwall: outta here, person who hasnt been named [02:01:28] Leon_Klaus: lol [02:01:39] Host: [BR] For the server rules check the forums (http://w3dhub.com/forum). [02:01:39] Justas_Prime: u know well who i meant [02:01:41] Pushwall: guess justas plans for me to ban the whole server till i find this random guy [02:01:45] Leon_Klaus: Idk who you meant also did anyone on the soviets team notice when i nearly destroyed the enemy naval yard