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Blog 79 (30/04/08)


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Welcome to the latest AR blog. I've been off ill today, so no college for me :D


Ah well. With coursework finally done and exams looming things are getting tense. But the blog will always prevail!


<h3>Ingame Stuff</h3>

danpaul88 and dtrngd have both been playing around with a few things ingame. These things include the setup of pillboxes, various map objects, a spectator character especially for taking screenshots. TheBeerinator has also been adapting the Flak Track texture for maximum leetness.


Here are some images!







danpaul88 has also prepared this nice video of the pillbox (obviously incomplete) for your viewing pleasure.



<h3>Yuri MK1</h3>

Yes, it's Yuri! This is the first attempt at duplicating Udo Kier's somewhat tyrannical mug into beautiful 3d. The results are incomplete, but as a first attempt I think it can be considered a success.


Notable changes to be made include the goatee, 'stache and iconic "Y" symbol that is usually present in the middle of Yuri's bald forehead. The lack of facial hair is due to the shadow not rendering in properly from the source image. Fear not! This shall be added at a later date.


Yuri shall not be included in the first release of AR, but it is something I thought would be nice and nostalgic to all of you RA2 fanatics out there!


Images below!







The icon competition has officially ended.


Thanks for everyone who entered the competition! I believe it was a great success! The team and I were really impressed by some of the entries as some forum members came out of their shells and really showed us what they could do!


Results will come soon.


<h3>Team Notices</h3>

I've finished my coursework, but exams are incoming. Wish me luck! I grabbed some photographs from my girlfriend yesterday, in the selection was an image of me in some civilian body armour. The story behind this one is that my girlfriend's dad works for a contracting company that manages the facilities of one of the british army bases out in Iraq. So I got to try on his armour and helmet. Pretty cool stuff.


cfehunter got GTA IV like a lot of people did. We shan't be seeing him for a while :) (j/k xD)

He also has a hard drive going spare that he has offered to me, since he now has a terrabyte drive. I could use some more space, since I'm down to 2gb/200gb :)


dtrngd has gone on a trip with his school. He'll be back on sunday. Have fun mate!


BogdanV and Eggman891 have been tinkering with the fake worldboxes. More news on this when we get some more definite, positive results. :)


The website should be uploaded within the hour. Coming online soon!



The community support section and the project of the week section have been killed off due to lack of interest.


Thus ends the blog.


Shoo! :)

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Guest Deadpikle

Yay pillbox ^_^

Also yuri looks funny :)


:D EDIT--- Yes I do know that Yuri isn't final. I was just saying he looks funny as he is now. Don't kill me, please D:

Edited by Deadpikle
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Guest =NX=VinGummi2

nice pillbox, and nice yuri, and awesome tesla effect there too, can't wait to test and break all this stuff

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Guest MuadDib15

That is an awesome 3th Yuri. I like how his mouth is like AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Edited by MuadDib15
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Guest m5mat

Wow do pill boxes have a lot of health now, or is for testing purposes? Or have I been gone from APB so long I have forgotten?


And can you use that same in-game model-changing thing the IFV uses and apply it so that tanks can look more damaged over time. Like after a vehicle takes a certain amounts of damage the model changes to a more beat-up, bullet riddled, rolling wreak of a vehicle. And maybe not just one change but multiple models that represent more and more damage. One for "moderate" damage, one for "heavy" damage and one for "held together by duck tape" damage.


I think that would be pretty cool. You can see how damaged tank is before they get within range.

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Changing a vehicle model ejects you from the vehicle.


No, changing a vehicle PRESET ejects you, you can change the model as long as you force the tank to come to a complete stop first (unless you like dust clouds floating around randomly like the old mirage tests) without ejecting the driver. But even still, forcing a tank to stop dead in its tracks to switch to a more damaged version would be very bad in the middle of a tank battle :p

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Guest Kakashi

Is it just me or does it look like Yuri joined the Seals? I mean on that original picture his head looks more... narrow? Straigt? Don't know the correct term, sorry. Well the basic shape in the original looks like an upside down egg while the 3D model looks more like a watermelon, if you know what I mean. I know you said it's WIP, but I thought it's not a bad idea to ask about it.


But yeah, anyways it's a good job as always.

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Guest DXR_13KE

i searched the thread before asking this:


what software did you use to create the heads?


other than that, nice blog and good work, shame the blog is missing some funny parts.......

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i searched the thread before asking this:


what software did you use to create the heads?

Facegen Modeller

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