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  1. Ohh, yeah those are both issues we have had for years. I don't have a copy of the importer we use on hand but maybe someone else can show some examples.
  2. One thing with the importer is that it does not handle animations very well. Do you think this could be improved? I'd love to be able to modify the source infantry animations. Great to see you around. Without that importer a lot of our content would have been too hard to recreate. I had MAX 2010 but sadly I've uninstalled it
  3. I know I actually got it running on a modern fedora. It's a shame though windows has so much overhead. I think the CnC games on steam were grandfathered in along with several other EA games. Same reason you can buy ME 1 and 2 but not 3 on steam. I think 2010 games an earlier are still on steam but not much after. IIRC EA didn't like Valves DLC policy.
  4. @jonwil Is it possible to port the FDS to linux?
  5. I'd love to see some upscalled pixels and voxels. Man I'd be most excited for TD and RA2!
  6. Monster hunter world on PC... Oh wait that just came out and sucked all my free time. I'd like to get a switch and play some of the games for that smash bros is a must I have my smash 4 gamecube controller and adapter ready to go. Also monster hunter generations ultimate on said switch. I guess Spyro if it comes out on pc.
  7. I've found that the latest windows 10 update has fixed all the issues I've had with 3DS Max 8. Of course I haven't done enough to see if there are any new issues.
  8. I've said it before but there is a reason the renegade grenadier uses a grenade launcher. I think the best solution was merging the soviet grenadier and rpg trooper. It's a shame that it wasn't very popular.
  9. The old sole survivor mod has a lot of TD inspired models. At this point were probably not going to see a TD mod. I had contemplated asking the CnC3 TD mod team if I could rig up some of it's assets in apb to make a .pkg map or something but I just don't have the time.
  10. Hate to bump this but I agree with NodGuy. It's really frustrating to have to refer to this page to see what the hell the my latest achievement was from.
  11. I had the Sega Genesis version it was great
  12. I'm pretty sure it needs custom scripts of some sort, I think an early version of 3.x works on it. I played it a bit last year. While the model quality is bad it's the closest thing to a true to TD mod I've seen.
  13. You should try out bear island My end boss is pretty self explanatory
  14. Just working and raising my beautiful daughter. Starting to try for a second one. Been using Amazon web services a lot and am working on certifications for it.
  15. Alternate camo? Like with Tanya? I'd go with the brown over the yellow if I had to choose.
  16. For me it's a combination of having less time do to adulthood. I have a 9-5 with travel it's more of a 8-6 and an 18th month old. I know how to use the tools and while I've never created content to delta standards I do understand how it's done. And the second for me is simply not having the tools work properly (3ds max) on windows 10, this kills any motivation I still have. I don't have an easy way to switch back to windows 7 just for one program.
  17. I came into this thread planning on suggesting the rocket solider and grenadier be combined, but it seems that pushwall has already considered this and is experimenting with it. I’m not going to pretend I have a good grasp on the overlap and strengths/weakness of the current soviet infantry. However, I’ve always imagined the flame trooper as a anti infantry unit and the grenadier as the counter part of the allied rocket solider. When the actual soviet rocket trooper was added, I felt like he could have just as well been a rebranded grenadier with a grenade launcher.
  18. NorthByNorthwest TheWoodsToday ShallowGrave IvoryWastelands APathBeyond AlpineLake AlliedAssault Volcano In that order, will give my reasons in a little bit
  19. I remember seeing this on "Games you might not have heard of" by extra credits looks cool. Would be more fun in LAN for sure
  20. Pretty much this. Though I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoyed sniping pre-Delta, this is what thinned out servers. The winning team usually ended up prolonging an already one-sided game (depending on who had the more skilled players, of course), causing players from the losing team to just leave the game (and probably not rejoin after a while because of said prolonged game). And lol, Beta SVD... Hey the beta SVD was a fun challenge! But yeah as much as I liked sniping in beta, I agree.
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