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  1. I have been looking for some new music and this was just perfect! I really did some C&C vibes from these tracks. Great job on these
  2. More screenshots from Beta times, part 2.
  3. Giant zombie Hitler! 'nuff said
  4. If you're interested in a good realistic World War 1 FPS I recommend trying Verdun 1914-1918: Right now the game is on a massive sale, so if you're interested check it out http://store.steampowered.com/app/242860/Verdun/ I've been playing this game since last year, and I have to say it's pretty good. Just don't except it to be one of those games that holds your hand! Also in development is an expansion pack that will take place on the Eastern Front of WW1:
  5. I really love how that texture looks! Looks really good!
  6. @Pushwall You mean something like this, with empty spaces ? It's 1024x1024 in size, but also has those extra spaces. The actual artwork is 1024x840.
  7. I do agree that the soldier feels a bit small, but if I make him larger he'll get blurry. Since that is the largest pic of him on the internet that I could find.
  8. @Pushwall Nice That will sure get people's attention when driving past it. Also I'm going to post these here instead of making another topic. Here's another billboard I made for Ridge Racer. Pretty self explanatory
  9. It's a bit streched but I think it looks ok. And here's the DDS file. dontletdown2.dds I'm working on a few more billboards for Ridge Racer at the moment, so expect some more stuff in the future
  10. If someone can apply them on those billboards, I can make some new advertisements for RA_RidgeRacer.
  11. You may remember these from back in 2009 when I first showed them back on BHP. Now I decided to revive and improve them a bit, with some new artwork. Also, to go with them, a little advertising poster:
  12. The thing is, there are only a few of these prop textures that are used in multiple places at the same time. Making a new texture isn't really the problem, it's the way the textures are applied on the models which is the issue. Some of them look pretty terrible, with textures disproportionally stretched or enlarged in certain areas. The best solution IMO would be to take all these props I made custom textures for and re-apply the textures on them the proper way. However, I understand that it's too much to ask for, given how small the dev team is. In any case Raap If you would like I could make some custom textures for the tunnels under the Soviet base. But I'd need to know what generally should be there.
  13. Here's the monitors from inside the Radar Dome and the Airfield. The texture on them is nothing too major, just made it looks less bland. I also changed that scrolling text to something that looks like it would be on an old computer, and used some of my dry humor on it. I'll probably put something else instead of that text. I noticed that in tunnels under the Soviet base on Siege, some of these textures look weird: I don't even know you could access those, considering they're behind a glass panel.
  14. @Pushwall I'd be more than happy to send them do you once I have a few more completed! In regards to the door, the vertex coloring works with my texture as well: The color feels less saturated, maybe because my texture is much darker then the original.
  15. Here are some textures I have been working for a while. These are inspired by another set of custom textures I made back in 2010-2011 for various equipments found inside de buildings. These are up-scaled 1024x1024 compared to the old ones, to accomodate more details. Anyway here are the ones I made thus far: I know there are some edges where the textures are not aligned, or are stretched, or too narrow. There is nothing I could do there, because that is how the original texture was applied on. Anyway, I'm planning to continue with fixing the lights and those monitors from the radar dome.
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