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If you swap bases, GDI would be attackable from underground, bridge 1&2, and land; Nod would be attackable from land, the dam, and the water.

Thus swapping is out of the Question


I don't think this Maoist a total GDI win.

Unless the water is open to mrls, then the dam would not be a viable coke point for nod to artillery + tick tank.


(Scenario) GDI defend bridge by water

Nod is forced across land bridge.

(Scenario) GDI use mammoth And Titans to stonewall land bridge.

Nod's response is artillery + tick tank or underground ambush with CC. (Or if both land bridges are vehicle accessible then a flanking maneuver would work as a defensive strategy)

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if you need any custom textures or things for signs and that let me know. Sure i could give a hand if you need it.


Textures are always welcome. :- ) Especially ground & rock textures are needed.

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Please be conservative however. If you think you can squeeze enough detail out of 1024, please do so. Doubling of texture sizes I believes either quadruples (or possibly even exponentially increases) performance cost. Use 2048 only when you need to.

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