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[blurb]From the desolate world of Arrakis comes this update on the Guild and Tleilaxu's operation in the War of Assassins. Be wary of the horrors inside![/blurb]

[thumb]thumb_woa.0.png[/thumb]Hello and welcome to this April Battle for Dune: War of Assassins update! We have a terrible habit of being silent, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working!!


The Guild and the Tleilaxu


The current state of Arrakis:

The 3 last Great House of the Landsraad have been fighting for control over Arrakis for what feels like an age, with each side looking to be on the brink of victory!

As the fierce fighting in the sands rages on, two great Schools of the Imperium are content with the progress of their current plan and see an opportunity to carry it to the next phase.  

The Spacing Guild and the Bene Tleilax start being more aggressive with their top secret project of monstrous proportions, their first step is to take care of the current ground forces that could pose a threat to them and their operations. With ultimate control over all trade to and from the Desert Planet, they poison all food and water supplies with a mutagen.

Troops from each House start feeling strange at first, then sick and after at the point of death. Slowly but then much faster the Garrisons of Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos turn into Contaminators. Before anyone can react, all major ground forces are now mindless drones, looking to spread their virus and turn more into their ranks, all under the control of the Tleilaxu.


A fairly young Bator (Commander) returning from Giedi Prime after a much deserved break from the fighting. Upon arriving to an Harkonnen controlled air zone near Carthag, Bator Adrian is bombarded by reports of what has unfolded on the surface in the absence of his Baron and is greatly disturbed. 

Touching down with a small escort force at their base in a region known as Spice, he and his troops detect readings of activity in an old ruined village, just off from an abandoned Atriedes base and go to recon the area...


Horde Mode

Welcome to our latest game mode, Horde (WIP name). In this game type you and your team (or alone if you are feeling up to it) are pitted in a small area against wave after wave of your past enemies and comrades, now in the form of vile Contaminators!

The objective is to survive. You have 10 minutes to hold out and a shared pool of 25 deaths before it's game over.

Throughout the course of the onslaught you are gifted additional weapons to aid you in their desperate fight with the unwavering drones that never stop hunting for you!

Will you hold out until a Frigate comes to save you and your men, or will you join the ranks of the unrelenting Horde!


A Knife in the back could come from any hand...

I hope you enjoyed this April update, we promise to start rolling out more content in the very near future! As always you can keep following us here, on Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB!

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On 4/3/2017 at 9:32 PM, NoSpoons said:

The game mode i've been dreaming of xD

It's something I've always toyed with the idea of, glad you like it as well!!

Yeah it is creepy, but that's kind of the idea lol.

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