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Launcher Login Issue: Status Update

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Hey guys, just a quick note about the launcher.

Several of you have noticed that you can no longer log into the launcher and have notified us of this. After some digging, we have found the cause and we are working on it. Basically it is a side-effect of the last forum upgrade a few weeks ago. Between now and such time as we should have it fixed, it is possible that more people will begin to experience this issue. Fear not! This does not mean that things are still breaking or getting worse. We have our best people on it and hope to have a solution up and running Soon :)

We will make an announcement when this issue has been resolved.

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what other launcher bugs are there that need to be be fixed i just wondered that just now since i have only had 1 were it says you ned to  log in to chat on the launcher but I'm logged in its a weird bug to be honest 

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