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Game Stop Company Soon to Go under


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Hey Guys, first off topic post but the company game stop is about to go under. Which can mean two things, one pull out your stocks now, and get ready for cheap consul games! It’s like the movie collection I got for less than a dollar when block buster closed. I have no idea what that will mean for Internet sales, but I am keeping my eyes open for liquidation sales.

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Good post and nothing more true. It was a long time coming. While alot of people will probably be fired in the next coming months I hope they find work with a company that doesn't have a reputation for treating their employees like trash. 

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I'll keep an eye on the local Gamestop and see what happens... Its a shame really... That means you'll either have to shop online, use Steam/Origin/Battlenet/E word, or go to Walmart or a smaller mom and pop grocery shop just to look for games, movies, and even headphones.... Gamestop has some good peripherals, but now that they are 100% going under, I don't want to have to spend 10-20% more just to buy a damn headset at Walmart.....

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41 minutes ago, MPRA2 said:



I'm slightly saddened, as I bought things there as a kid, but seriously they did this to themselves IMO. Their reputation as far as their employees go, and their mega-ripoff trade-ins, failure to adapt to a changing market.... I'm honestly surprised they were able to hold out this long.

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