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Tips in using the Yak?


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Try using Space and C key for making qucik turns at  flying maybe that will be very helpful. Yak is in a good shape at the moment , in my opinion i do not think Yak needs any change , people who use it effectively (Ryknow and SilverShark) does good

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5 hours ago, des1206 said:

Yak... how to use it more effectively?

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Enjoy spamming left click on two very specific purchase terminals?

Looking for excitement?! Aerial adventure?! SOVIET GLORY?!
Want to become a sort-of-maybe ace pilot of the motherland?!

ENLIST NOW, and get all the rockets you can eat!


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Using jump and crouch keys give you a lot of control with your pitch. Rudder left and right is bound to your < and > keys, but bind the secondary L+R keys to keys near WASD. I use Z and X personally. This will help you turn left and right easily without having to roll the plane. Helps a LOT when you're strafing a moving target. @ ryknow69can explain more precisely.

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