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W3D Weekly #27 - 12/01/2021


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Welcome to the 27th edition of W3D Weekly!


We've got some APB and GZ info for you today so let's get on into it!

Naval Combat Gameplay SurveyFirst off, we want your opinions on how Naval Combat works in Red Alert: A Path Beyond!! We've been scratching our heads on what we can do to improve the experience, so if you have time, please fill in our survey and let us know your thoughts.




We're especially interested in what you all feel could be done to improve the ship vs submarine combat in the game and where the problems lie.


Now on to more APB news below!!!

Red Alert: A Path Beyond

This week, we would like to provide you, our loyal fans, with an update regarding objective markers! These handy little screen things seem to have received generally positive feedback, so that's right: we've decided to add more of them.

Firstly, the repair markers are no longer on defenses only. They have made it to all the buildings (main base buildings and support structures included).

Objective Markers - Weekly - 01.jpg

Next, there are new objective markers for the spy so he knows where to go to perform his sabotages.

Objective Markers - Weekly - 02.jpg

Once he sabotages a Soviet Barracks, the "roster available" message will appear with the magnifying glass blip on the radar for all Soviet infantry, only this time it will also display a small magnifying glass objective marker on the HUD of everyone on the Allies as well. Same with vehicles on the "manifest available" from sabotaging the War Factory. It already worked this way with Submarines from a Sonar Pulse at the Sub Pen. Is it OP? Time will tell.

Objective Markers - Weekly - 03.jpgObjective Markers - Weekly - 04.jpg

Thieves get markers so they know where to go also. Each marker visually displays the percentage of Soviet funding that will be stolen.

Objective Markers - Weekly - 05.jpg

That's it for APB this week!

Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero

The quest to rig up @ Synaesthesia 's buildings continues once more, with @ CMDBob working his magic with the Power Plant! This one only came with the exterior, so Bob had to work his magic to come up with a suitable interior. The result is absolutely fantastic!




These screenshots also give a good view of the new PTs. See if you can spot them before they're officially spotlighted in the next weekly!

Until Next Week!Happy New Year's Guys! Stay tuned for next week's update!




[blurb]We've got some APB and GZ info for you today as well as info on our Naval Gameplay Survey! Come and take a look![/blurb]

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14 minutes ago, Metaridley said:

That Power Plant looks great! Will we see both Power Plant Variants ingame? For atmospheric purposes ofcourse (Normal ones for small bases, advanced ones for big bases).

Undecided at this stage, especially since making an APP would involve just adding an extra cooling tower. Time will tell here.

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