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    Another patch has been released, which includes a new map! Get more information and the changelist in the full update! Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update Hey everyone! Another patch has just been pushed to the launcher and server! This one is smaller, but contains the first new map since Delta: RA_Zama. I'm sure the oldies here will remember it. Here is the (not very) long changelist: Changelist GENERALArmour-piercing bullets (M60, PKM, Ranger, APC, Remington slug) damage to heavy vehicles increased by 6.66% (0.375 to 0.4) Armour-piercing bullets (M60, PKM, Ranger, APC, Remington slug) damage to super-heavy vehicles and boats increased by 10% (0.25 to 0.275) Gunboat/Volkov cannon/Volktillery damage to naval units increased by 20% (0.75 to 0.9 for surfaced ones, 0.25 to 0.3 for submerged). Removed some old scripts from naval units which may have been interfering in spy/thief use. INFANTRY Fixed Allied Sniper bot points for real this time. Engineer C4 damage to naval units evened out; instead of doing 25 when armour exists and 1000 when armour is stripped or the unit is submerged, it deals 500 in both cases, one-shotting everything except destroyers. VEHICLES Ranger/APC magazine size reduced to 50 again. Hind damage to heavy vehicles increased by ~14% (0.175 to 0.2) Hind damage to super-heavy vehicles increased by 25% (0.1 to 0.125) Attack Sub max speed down from 13m/s to 11.8m/s (a ~9% decrease). Attack Sub range up from 110 to 115. AESTHETICS Helicopters in "crash and burn" mode will now explode when submerged in deep water, just like living helicopters. Fixed "In Trouble" music track having vocals that it shouldn't Fixed inconsistent capitalization of "Ore truck lost" Fixed kill strings for Allied Power Plant and FoI secret unit. Fixed barrel recoil on the Artillery which was applied to a part that it shouldn't have been. Sound distance rolloff should be behaving properly now. If your camera somehow manages to find its way out of a VIS sector, all objects/meshes will now be displayed instead of being culled based on the last sector you were in (which created a lot of obvious terrain holes) MAP CHANGES RA_PacificThreat: Reduced size of thief zones by half, and added chainlink fences at certain points around the zones to limit the potential "angles of attack". RA_Zama is back in the game! Here's how it's changed since Gamma:Removed Helipads and added Power Plants, Ore Silos and extra Service Depots. Base locations have been swapped; Soviets are now on the hill like they were in Classic Zama, and Allies are in the opposite corner at the end of the river. Added light posts to bases/landmarks. Allied gem field is downgraded to a mixed ore+gems field. All resource fields except the Soviet gem field have been moved under the mountains. Many of the old "lumpy" hills have been reshaped into cliffs that cannot be climbed. Added a couple of tunnels in the field to assist infantry sneaks. Respawning Supply Trucks have been added to 2 locations far from the bases. Mudslide leading to the top of the Allied cliff (which was previously a pile of hay... sure) is easier to climb now. No-beacon zones added to tunnels/resource mines, out-of-bounds areas, and the Missile Silo basement. Added visibility culling system. And of course, a massive visual overhaul. No secret pictures this time, but I can assure you that this is not the only map that will be released in the future! Until then, you can download the new patch on the launcher and join our server! See you on the battlefield!
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    And I guess infantry would be smart enough to waste ammo on flickering lights that moved around and was followed by the sound of an engine?
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    Our mod ImperialAge has quite a bit of units from all three games, and a few from Red Alert 2 as well. For info on how to play see this thread. https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=415501
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    I'd chalk that up to game balance or engine limitations. Lorewise, GDI probably wouldn't have sensors that advanced in your average base defense until Tiberian Sun, where they were made mandatory for obvious reasons.
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    RA1/APB vs TD/TSR discussion was split to here.
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    Hey everyone. I know of several people here who are fans of C&C Shockwave. I just wanted to spread the word that not only is there an update coming for C&C Shockwave, but I am also a developer of it! Read more about it on the official thread here: http://forums.swr-productions.com/index.php?showtopic=8020&view=findpost&p=103069
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