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    Renegade is dead. End of. It doesnt even have what counts as a community anymore. The "communites" that do exists dont work together. The communities that do exists all only exist to flame eachother and claim to be better so they can sit on the throne of a game that fucking sucks. A game that is so outdated it doesnt even have fucking recoil. GOLDENEYE64 HAD FUCKING RECOIL FOR FUCK SAKE Moreover, the community aspect is what made this game good. Because lets be perfectly honest, Renegade is anything but "Good" in an objective view. Until you lot, MPF, and whatever little else still counts as communities anymore around here can work together again, renegade will never again have that community feel. Even internally in W3D, you guys as a community are a laughing stock. You literally have a splinter community because a couple of your admins got overly PC. This is a community of people from a game in the 2000s, PC was never a thing then and in a community that is filled with those people it never will be! I remember a time when the communities werent toxic. Where they all pooled together to create patches and security for the game. Where they shared ban lists, had tournaments, and the communities were all essentially a big community. Because of the lack of this, Renegade and its mods arent that anymore. Its a vanity project for the Game Dev College rejects who couldnt make a fucking java game to beat bloons tower defence. (Not a jab at your skills, some models, maps, etc are great, but is definitely a jab at your dedication to one project and time management) Sorry guys, but thats more or less of whats become the truth to me around here now. Take of it what you will. I'll still be around to play games because as individuals most of you are alright to chat with and hang with. But Owners, Admins, Devs, all of you higher ups. Something needs to change, or these little projects of yours will end like AR, Reborn and Dune. Sat on a back shelf for years gathering dust and an interest in them largely lost.
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    Complaining about toxicity in the community while simultaneously complaining about not being allowed to be toxic due to removal of the grille is a bit odd. If there are people that got so upset about the grille being removed that they left the community, good riddance, really. That channel was gross. It's also a bit odd that this post talks about how bad toxicity is while it itself reeks of toxicity. But I guess judging from half of the replies in the thread, that toxicity is true to form. Yikes. FRAYDO deserves better than this and you should all be ashamed.
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    I believe we need to look again at the purpose of this thread and the main argument. Forget the Grille, we need to address the community as a whole.
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    your maps is bad. But seriously. private testing was a mid 00's thing to do. its freaking 2019. get with the times. abandon W3D, use the tool Saberhawk is making to export W3D models to modern formats, and work on a new, free to use game engine, with public testing. Unity, Lumberyard, Cryengine, UE4, it doesn't matter. W3D is dead and has been for atleast 15 years. you might have to abandon all C&C ties to do so, but im sure you could rename all the units to be compliant and avoid C&D's
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    I don't remember ever seeing you ingame. Ever. For anything. Now, this community has been in danger of being flushed for years for various reasons. It may have its populated times and lulls but they are much too extreme and wind up turning off anyone who may be interested away. Nobody wants to join up into games that aren't always gonna have a decent amount of players. Funny enough, I've been posting about this on the various chans for years and I had someone tell me "No, we don't want THOSE types of players.." Lets get real, you don't get top be choosey for RENEGADE. A nearly 20 year old game that wasn't exactly popular to begin with. We should be doing EVERYTHING to retain individuals as once regulars are gone you lose 1 person who will be in that game nearly everyday giving others someone to play against. As an aside, this current "professionalism" bullshit I keep hearing from the bigwigs makes me utterly cringe. I've had to consult with them (people wholly unrelated to what I was doing) in order to post a fan video they didn't like, when I already spoke with the LEADER of that mod project and the PR lead giving a go ahead. That type of micromanagement and obsession with control means this place was never gonna grow on its own or have much chance of holding anyone's interest who wasn't incredibly autistic about Renegade. Throw away regulars for the potential to please some undefined base and people who don't even regularly play because some people don't have a skin thicker than a grapes. I know our base, and we're not doing what we can to reach them.
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    I feel I should add as well, everyone is free to express their opinion without repercussions.
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    I'm actually going to agree with the community aspect. We really should seek collaboration with the other communities and encourage some sense of solidarity again. The C&C Renegade community as a whole needs this.
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    The solution is to make more maps support bots.
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    Well, it seems you all have a lot of questions. And with these questions shall come answers! Welcome to the official Questions and Answers (Q&A) Thread for Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero! Feel free to ask any question that you have- any at all- and myself or ICE will answer it! There are no wrong questions, so long as it relates to GZ, so ask away!
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    Give me a break. Nobody is going to your house to arrest you for what you posted into that channel. Nor did the shitposting and any humanitarian actions depend on each other. This kind of rhetoric makes the concept of "free speech" a joke. While there are people out there fighting actual legal battles for real violations of free expression, here we are, arguing over the fact that a Discord channel got axed for being full of content people don't want to associate themselves with. If you want, I can offer my own experiences: not long ago, a Discord server I'm a member of was nearly axed by Discord staff itself over someone reporting it for inappropriate content. Whoever did it was probably a troll, but it was a difficult case to convince the admins, mainly due to a lot of people (un)ironically posting alt-right memes and whatnot in that server. So it's not even just a thing our staff might take issues with, Discord itself does not like this kind of stuff. You don't like it, take it up with them. Personally, I'd rather not see the W3D server get dropped over something like this. And as others have pointed it out, we are going off topic, so that's my last bit of input on that subject.
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    FREE SPEECH. S H U T - I T - D O W N This is the type of thinking that turned it from ironic to unironic. It's not exactly officially approved, it's just put into its own containment board. Everyone who goes BUT MUH RACZISM missed stuff like us trying to save bakfiets from homelessness or the daily conversation we had about anything and everything. It was a place to freely express opinions and debate ANYTHING. Shutting that type of thing down just gives credence to the points made by all the people whom these certain people have an issue with. All they had to do was join, and put them in their place if they felt so strongly, anyone was free to do so. Yah-Nosh, the majority of the Renegade community are huge advocates of freedom of expression. I was blamed as a ring leader for saying things I've said for years (and everyone else has) that are suddenly unfashionable or unacceptable because a few sensitive sallys who can't be bothered to take it up with me directly have to go tell the playground monitors on me. That's a separate issue though. If you didn't like the Grille, then you didn't need to even look at it. It's like being mad people are saying things you don't like somewhere you don't even have to frequent and imposing your will on that. That's what I will never get, this autistic obsession of controlling how other people conduct themselves. Like I said before, it's something no other Renegade communities have, and it was a community favourite among many regulars. If you didn't like it, you should have muted it immediately and forgot about it. Existence doesn't = approval of the boards content. Containment boards are a strategy utilized by online communities since I first started posting online back in 2005.
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    The very first time I poked my head in there, I was immediately greeted by /pol/-tier shitposting. I fail to see how such content is so desperately needed to keep the Renegade community together. And yes, one can just mute it, except its existence essentially means it has the W3D seal of approval. And since we're talking "community" and how to retain it, maybe there are members of the community who aren't pleased by it being approved. And maybe it just happens to be something that the people who make the mods don't want to be associated with. If the overwhelming majority of the Renegade community demands that such channels be left alone, then it can be a discussion. Until then, there's tons of other places where you can share this kind of content all you want.
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    Well, one of the reasons I joined was to implement that into the game, along with better gunplay in general. So I hope this part of your concerns will be addressed soon.
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    Well, an APB / Reborn or AR version of Renegade X would be amazing.
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    This is not the topic here. This is not the topic anywhere. Raising this topic is blasphemy punishable by death.
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    99%. When I see an APB game night I check my calendar. I'm married and have a job and am planning to start a family of my own in a few years, so life's busy. Most of the time the game nights fall on times when life is a priority. Therefore, outreach needs to go beyond nostalgia. C&C Mode is unique and pretty fun with a large server. Probably a lot of younger people out there who'd play it consistently. Even C&C Rivals Fortnite has a big following.
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    When was the renegade community NOT toxic? lol. In all fairness, people have moved on. Those who played (and loved) renegade have grown up, got jobs etc. Its very hard to compete against the thousands of excellent free games that are out there nowadays. Fortnite, TF2, LoL. Same with game engines. You have really need to have something special to grab peoples attention, something which is nearly impossible with the dated w3d engine. Finding motivation to work on projects you know people will hardly play is... well... hard.
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    If the complaint comes down to the Discord channel removal, then there's no purpose. If you want an ear, separate that drama from the "Renegade community" aspect. I'll gladly participate when that happens.
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    Good post. I'm pretty disappointed the w3dhub leadership after the recent happenings.
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