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  1. I can still join servers but it did crash on mpf when they were running an ik map. Aside from that I have no issues joining. :/
  2. Well I see what you did and nice try, if you delete the stuff in the data folder that does not belong it is still just a renegade client and I can still join renegade servers with it.
  3. @danpaul88 Ok so I installed the ia client pointed renlist at it and joind mpf the map downloaded but I was blocked by the anticheat so I removed all the crap from the data folder and rejoined with no problem I also was able to join rdx and rencorner. As well as I ran mixcheck which is in the client and it game me not only all the maps but always.dat. So basically you guys are giving out a free version of renegade. I would suggest that they make a stand alone full conversion mod to add to the launcher same as everyone else has to. Note I have no connections to rencorner and certainly not mpf, and I don't agree that this would (at this point) cost imperial and dblaney any players if it was removed from the launcher, I simply just don't agree with giving out ren for free. Make them do the work.
  4. Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up @danpaul88
  5. I'm just curios, you made lots of complaints about the imperial age launcher that mpf used because you said it was giving away the ren client when dblaney and ik were on mpf. The arguments were that you could join through relist or whatever cause always.etc was not modified, and the argument pro were none of the stock maps were included,. (I mean you can get the stock maps with mixcheck right?) I agreed with those who opposed it and still do. So I am curious as to why your minds were changed is all. Also I don't think the trolling is helpful.
  6. I figured out what was wrong so never mind. ?
  7. The client was done on win 7 and works on 2 win 7 machines does not work on 1 with win 8 and 1 with win 10. not sure if that has something to do with it? Renegade itself works fine though.
  8. I have custom client for a full conversion mod I'm working on which is on an svn repository, one of the people working on this mod downloaded the svn and could not run the client or the LE, it would create the game folder and then just do nothing so I downloaded the svn on my laptop and had the same problem. I can get it working just fine on my pc and another person has no problem as well is there something I need to do in the registry? I did not set up the client or le for this mod and the person who did can no longer help. Any information would be very much appreciated. Edit: Hmm I got the level editor working but still not the client.
  9. Nope, I hate my job! Everyday I go to work I die a little inside. It's hard to find a job in what I went to school for in my area, maybe I should move but the thought of that is stressful as well.
  10. It's not a C&C4 mod... http://forums.cinergygaming.com/index.php?/topic/9-what-are-fusion-maps/ http://forums.cinergygaming.com/index.php?/topic/45-a-little-preview-of-what-to-expect/
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