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  1. RA2 has no connection to the Tiberium universe, so the extreme amount of crazy tech in RA2 isn't a problem in that sense; Westwood themselves even stated that RA2, although following on from RA1, takes place in its own separate universe where the world took a very different turn from that of the Tiberium universe. Both timelines canonically follow the Allied victory (with the Soviet campaign as a non-canon 'what-if' scenario), but something about the war itself or its aftermath was drastically altered to produce the RA2 timeline. In fact, according to Westwood's internal drafts for Tiberian Incursion which EA later developed (albeit heavily changed/reworked) into C&C3, the RA2 universe was directly caused by time-travel shenanigans involving Yuri, similarly to how RA1 and the Tiberium timeline were caused by Einstein's time-travel shenanigans in the first place, making RA2 an 'alternate-alternate' universe. (Which is kinda funny since RA3 was also caused by time-travel shenanigans, making it an 'alternate-alternate-alternate' universe, with the general pattern seemingly being that every time history is changed, the world just gets progressively crazier )
  2. Exactly, the whole 1970s comment really just seems like them speaking without putting any real thought into it in that regard. Regardless of any other factors, Stalin being alive and not visibly decrepit means that RA1 absolutely could not have taken place any later than the early 1960s (and even that's a stretch), although the 1950s is the most likely overall (personally I've always considered RA1 to take place from 1949 to 1953 and that's most likely never gonna change lol).
  3. It's not really an update of FoI per se; it's more like a spiritual successor to it.
  4. Ice


    Cost: 1500 Health: 100 Armour: Steel Speed: Fast (7m/s) Primary Weapon: Hand Cannon (AT ammo) Secondary Weapon: Hand Cannon (AP ammo) Range: 90m (AT), 60m (shotgun), 100m (napalm) Role: Anti-Tank & Anti-Infantry Description: This legendary hero of the USSR gave his life and soul to protect the Motherland and, in an unprecedented world-first experiment, was resurrected as a cyborg to continue his service in the Red Army. A terror for any Allied soldier, or vehicle, Volkov is armed with a rapid-fire hand cannon and equipped with both anti-tank and anti-personnel ammunition. Using his special custom scope, he can use his weapons accurately at medium-to-long range. His reinforced frame and special training also leaves him resilient to fall-damage and invulnerable from the crushing treads of enemy tanks, and a special auto-repair system allows him to recover from some battle damage.
  5. Cost: 900 Health: 70 Armour: Insulated Speed: Slow (6m/s) Primary Weapon: Electromaser Shock Rifle Support Weapon: N/A Range: 80m Purpose: General Purpose Description: This high-tech elite soldier has been given one of the Motherland’s most feared and secretive weapons- the Shock Rifle. A drastically miniaturized form of the infamous Tesla Coil defence structure, this prototype electromaser weapon melts the armour of Allied tanks, and gruesomely shocks infantry to death. Thanks to his anti-tank warfare training and his special armour meant to protect against self-electrocution, the shock trooper is also invulnerable to being run over.
  6. Cost: 500 Health: 90 Armour: None Speed: Slow (6m/s) Primary Weapon: Dragunov Sniper Rifle Support Weapon: Binoculars Range: 300m Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Reconnaissance Description: The Soviet Sniper is a specialty unit, wielding a scoped SVD rifle. This rifle, while slow to fire, is very powerful and accurate, making it ideal for picking off infantry at long range. Most enemy infantry, with some exceptions, can be killed with as little as two shots to the centre of mass, or a single shot to the head. Keep in mind that, as a sniper, your kit is very light and offers very little protection. You’ll need to keep your distance and stay hidden as much as possible in order to avoid getting killed.
  7. Cost: 450 Health: 50 Armour: Fireproof Speed: Slow (6m/s) Primary Weapon: LPO-50 Flamethrower Support Weapon: N/A Range: 90m Purpose: Anti-Infantry & Anti-Structure Description: Capable of cooking Allied soldiers and buildings to a crisp, this specially trained trooper is armed with an LPO-50 flamethrower. Firing bursts of fire in an arc, this unit is capable of doing immense damage very quickly. NOTE: Red Army command wants to caution commanders over the survivability of flame troopers; their tanks make them rather fragile, and are known to violently explode on death.
  8. Cost: 500 Health: 50 Armour: EOD Speed: Average (6.5m/s) Primary Weapon: Makarov PM Support Weapon: Repair Tool/Golden Wrench/C4 (x1)/Shovel (x5) Range: 60m/3m/3m/3m/10m Purpose: Structural Repair, Demolitions, Mine-Clearing Description: The Engineer is a multi-function support unit who can perform various utility tasks both in the base and out in the field. In addition to the standard repair tool, he also carries his lucky 'golden wrench' which can repair large amounts of building damage almost instantaneously. However, the golden wrench can’t be refilled (only repurchased), so it's best to only use it in emergencies. He also carries a block of C4 which can heavily damage enemy structures if placed on a weakpoint. Additionally, he is a trained minesweeper who will spot and mark enemy landmines, and can dispose of them with his shovel. Like the Technician, the Engineer is armed with a Makarov PM for self-defence.
  9. Cost: 400 Health: 50 Armour: Flak Speed: Slow (6m/s) Primary Weapon: RPG-7 Support Weapon: Strela-2/Makarov PM Range: 110m/170m/60m Purpose: Anti-Tank & Anti-Air Description: Wielding the RPG-7, a state-of-the-art lightweight anti-tank weapon, the RPG Trooper is the Soviets’ anti-armour infantry unit. Best used to punch through Allied tanks, enemy structures are also a viable target for this unit. To repel enemy aircraft, the RPG Trooper can switch to a Strela-2 SAM, a brand new class of personal AA weapon which fires a high-velocity anti-aircraft missile. He also carries a Makarov PM pistol for close-range self-defence.
  10. Cost: 150 Health: 50 Armour: Flak Speed: Fast (7m/s) Primary Weapon: F1 Hand Grenades Support Weapon: N/A Range: 70m Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Harassment & Base Assault Description: The Grenadier is a designated assault trooper, armed with F1 fragmentation grenades designed to clear out Allied hardpoints and buildings. Skilled in lobbing his grenades, the grenadier is well-equipped to deal with infantry and light vehicles, but is much weaker against tanks and base defences. An exceptional athlete, the Grenadier can throw his grenades an impressive distance, and can also run faster than most other infantry. His grenades are specially equipped with contact fuzes, and thus will explode immediately upon impact.
  11. Cost: 300 Health: 80 Armour: Flak Speed: Slow (6m/s) Primary Weapon: PK LMG Support Weapon: Binoculars Range: 105m Purpose: Anti-Infantry/Light Vehicle, Reconnaissance & Designation Description: The Soviet Kapitan carries a PK Machine Gun. His weapon, although heavy, has long range and a high rate of fire, meaning you can outshoot just about any other infantry on the field (aside from a Sniper). When he’s not gunning down enemies or deserters, the Kapitan also fills the tactician role, and as such is equipped with binoculars to gather detailed reconnaissance data, designate objectives and effectively command the troops under him. A hardened combat veteran with valuable experience, this Soviet officer has greater survivability in the field than most other troops, but due to the weight of his weapon, his speed is a bit slower.
  12. Cost: 200 Health: 70 Armour: Flak Speed: Fast (7m/s) Primary Weapon: TOZ-194 Range: 60m Purpose: Anti-Infantry/Light Vehicles/MCT's Description: The Starshina wields a TOZ shotgun. This allows him to excel at close quarters combat against infantry, and can even do appreciable damage to lightly armoured vehicles. In addition, he does bonus damage to enemy MCT's, making him ideal for base raids.
  13. Cost: Free Health: 50 Armour: None Speed: Average (6.5m/s) Primary Weapon: Repair Tool Secondary Weapon: Makarov PM Range: 3m/60m Role: Structural Repairs, Running in Terror Additional Information: Able to repair buildings, with a repair bonus at the Master Control Terminal (MCT) of each building, and is able to capture Oil Derricks via the structure's Capture Terminal Description: An expert in the technological field, the Technician maintains the sensitive equipment in buildings. Utilising the sophisticated device that is the Repair Tool, he is responsible for the structural integrity of all of our buildings. In perilous situations and self-defence, he is also armed with a Makarov PM pistol. Be warned, though, as Technicians are very vulnerable, so it's usually best to simply flee from danger.
  14. Cost: Free Health: 50 Armour: Flak Speed: Average (6.5m/s) Primary Weapon: AK-47 Range: 90m Role: General Purpose Description: Your starting unit, this is the basic rifleman of the Soviet divisions. Armed with the AK-47 assault rifle, a relatively new but very rugged and reliable weapon, he is capable of deadly fire. The AK-47 is the direct competitor to the Allies' new M16 rifle, and has two firing modes; primary fire is a controlled automatic spray and alternate fire is a more accurate semi-automatic mode. The Rifle Soldier can function in almost every role, however, being well-rounded means he does not excel at anything and is a fairly weak unit.
  15. <Image Here> Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Weapon: 8-Inch Naval Cannons x6 Range: Cargo: Driver Only Role: Siege Description: Slow moving death. What the Cruiser lacks in speed, it makes up for in firepower and range. Able to lob destruction onto targets incredible distances away, this ship can decimate an enemy base in minutes. A favorite target of Submarines, these ships have no sea-based defenses, relying on the faster moving Destroyer and Gunboat to protect them.
  16. Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Primary Weapon: Stinger Missiles Secondary Weapon: Depth Charges Range: Cargo: Driver Only Role: General Purpose, Anti-Air, Anti-Submarine Warfare Description: The mid-level naval vessel, the Destroyer is effective against land, air, and sea-based threats. Its fast-firing stinger missiles can hit air targets easily, and can also decimate nearby ground targets. If it detects a Submarine, its dual depth-charge launcher ensures that the Sub will be rapidly taken out of commission.
  17. Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Primary Weapon: 2-Inch Deck Cannon Secondary Weapon: Depth Charges Range: Cargo: Driver Only Role: Reconnaissance, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Harassment Description: The fastest and lightest of the Allied naval vessels, the Gunboat is good at scouting naval routes, and detecting Submarines before they can cause any mischief. Its depth charge launcher allows it to fire at any Submarine that is detected nearby.
  18. <Image Here> Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Weapon: Horn Range: N/A Cargo: Driver + 5 Passengers Role: Transport Description:
  19. Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Weapon: Hellfire Anti-Tank Missiles x8 Range: Cargo: Pilot Only Role: Anti-Tank Description:
  20. <Image Here> Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Weapon: Loudspeaker Range: N/A Cargo: Pilot + 5 Passengers Role: Transport Description:
  21. Cost: Health: Armour: Speed: Weapon: 2-Kiloton Atomic Warhead Range: Cargo: Driver Only Role: Description:
  22. <Image Here> Cost: 2400 Health: 200 Armour: Light Speed: Average (12.5m/s) Armament: ENTAC Missiles Range: 100m Cargo: Driver Only Role: Anti-Tank & Anti-Air Description: The ultimate form of Einstein's Chronosphere technology, the Chrono Tank is the most technologically advanced vehicle in the entire Allied arsenal. Essentially a scaled-down Chronosphere on wheels, this vehicle is capable of teleporting itself nearly instantaneously from one location to another, allowing it to quickly escape danger or ambush enemies, although this ability needs time to recharge before it can be used again. Armed with powerful missiles, the Chrono Tank works best in the roles of an ambusher and a tank destroyer, while also being effective against aircraft. However, it's also extremely expensive, while its large size and thin armour make it an easy target if caught off-guard. Because of this, maximum caution is advised.
  23. <Image Here> Cost: 2000 Health: 200 Armour: Light Speed: Average (12.5m/s) Weapon: Hollow-Charge Missiles Range: 100m Role: Ambush Description: The Phase tank, developed by French scientists and engineers, is one of the Allies' most secretive weapons. Utilizing an experimental new technology, it's capable of bending light around itself to 'phase' out of the visible spectrum, rendering it nearly invisible. Armed with a missile turret, it's capable of sneaking up on enemy forces, seemingly appearing out of thin air as it unleashes a barrage of missiles before disappearing again. The Phase Tank is based on the APC chassis, as it was able to support both the weapon system and the Phase technology, although it had to sacrifice its troop-carrying ability to accommodate the sheer amount of electronics and special equipment that had to be crammed into the vehicle. Although its weaponry and ‘cloaking’ ability make it extremely deadly in the right hands, be warned that the Phase Tank has light armour and is very vulnerable to damage, particularly from Tesla weaponry which can also disrupt its cloaking, so maximum discretion must be used in combat.
  24. Cost: 1200 Health: 200 Armour: Light Speed: Average (12m/s) Weapon: Mobile Gap Generator Range: 50m Radius Cargo: Driver Only Role: Stealth Description: Gap Generator technology has proven to be a valuable asset and remains a closely-guarded secret weapon of the Allies. Pioneered in Germany, the first prototypes were deployed near Berlin early in the war. Although the Soviet armies inevitably overran the capital, the Gap Generators significantly hampered the Soviets in doing so, effectively blinding their reconnaissance efforts and masking our movements across large areas, allowing key personnel and assets to be safely evacuated from the area before the Red Army could reach them. Since then, the Germans have perfected the technology and even managed to scale it down into a mobile version, mounted on a large truck chassis.
  25. Cost: 1200 Health: 300 Armour: Light Speed: Fast (14.6m/s) Weapon: White Noise Generator Range: 350m Cargo: Driver Only Role: Electronic Warfare Description: Radar technology has revolutionized warfare, and has been extensively employed by both Allied and Soviet forces in many roles to help improve the efficiency of operations. At the same time, there has been much development in methods of reducing the effectiveness of enemy radar, commonly by ‘jamming’ it with a bombardment of radio waves to nullify radar signals. The British military successfully developed a mobile platform for the technology, and the Mobile Radar Jammer (commonly abbreviated as MRJ) was born. The MRJ contains a white noise generator which blasts the airwaves with a variety of frequencies, capable of effectively drowning out enemy radar stations and masking our forces from them. For long-term operations, it can be deployed into a stationary form which will continue to broadcast even when left unattended, but it still has to be within range of the Soviet radar dome to work flawlessly.
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