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  1. Hello, and welcome to W3D Hub! We are a place for discussion and development of all W3D games and W3D-related things. If you are new to this community, we hope you will enjoy your time with us. Please take a moment to introduce yourself so that we know a little about who you are. Also, if you haven't already done so, please look over the rules, which are located at the top of the forum, or by clicking this link. Any of our staff, moderators, or admins would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this place and how it works. Feel free to PM us or catch us on the IRC or on TeamSpeak, and of course ingame. Have fun!
  2. Note: the original post was removed whilst cleaning up a thread :wink:
  3. Thanks Shnappz. We wish that everyone could be as understanding as you have been.
  4. Nice stuff! Seems that we have many good artists among us
  5. This thread is meant to collect all the stray funny or otherwise amusing pictures and videos that otherwise might escape into other parts of the forum. You may also post funny quotes that may be taken out of context or left in context. If it makes you laugh, show it to us here!
  6. I think that obtaining a pixel-art avatar from Master Squid should be a requirement to join this forum
  7. may i have an Professor Einstein avatar plz?
  8. Ok ladies and gents! Do you like to cook? Do you make your own recipes or even burn the kitchen down?!? Share with us your recipes and how-to's for the kitchen! But please don't burn ours down :downs: And if you feel that you don't quite know how tell us whats on your plate and how it got there, heres a template for anyone to use: Requirements: make note of all pots, pans, utinsels food ingredients ovens flamethrowers anything you'll need for your recipe you get the picture Now the steps: list in order the steps to complete the preparation of your dish or food item be sure to be thorough and doublecheck everything you list here for correctness because we want not to burn stuff Either in the steps or down below, feel free to make any additional notes regarding the preparation and cooking, times, quantities, etc. It doesn't have to be formatted exactly like this but just please keep it organized. Keep it clean, have fun, stay on topic!
  9. Coming December 31st 2006, a new AR blog! I believe this sums up the history of AR
  10. It all looks great! Itll be an awesome addition to the bluehell arsenal
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