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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys. The Second Phase of the Competition started a few days back and we are proud to announce that we reached the TOP 100! This wouldn't be possible at all without every single one of you this year, but also the previous years, let's keep it up! But the Spice must flow, so let's hit the TOP 10 in the Upcoming Games category, I wanted to aim for #1 but Wolf said that's unfair for the others 😕 You can vote in general on as many games as you want and we would appreciate it a lot o/ 3 Days are left till the Indie of the Year Competition ends so be sure to vote for Battle For Dune quickly at: https://www.indiedb.com/games/battle-for-dune To round this up, many thanks to all the ones who have backed us up all these years for the Development of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins, but also the ones who voted for us every year, again and again. We can't thank you enough as there is only so much Spice to share. Till the next one! Follow us at the greatest and latest on Facebook Stalk us on Twitter @W3DHub Watch our best fails over on YouTube Join me and the Impatiently but oh so more hyped community at our Discord
  2. November Development Update: 'Weapons of Assassins' Hey guys, it is me again and welcome back to Dev Blog #131 of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins! Last time we covered a great many things, primarily making sure you guys were all caught up on where we are now and where we're going. To continue building on that, in this update we will cover a part of the Arsenal that will be at your disposal soon/tm/. As well as touching on the upcoming Maps that are in progress, and their different variations! Lastly we have Team Death Match, a brand new Game mode coming to Battle For Dune, yes it sounds damn original, I know right? (Fraydo was supposed to help me out in this part with my sarcasm but he left me alone again) Regardless on my bad taste in sarcasm, I can say it is something we are proud of. So let's get straight to it. - Note: All weapons, names, tools, features and models are workS in progress and can be subject to change or are placeholders for the moment. Take it with a grain of spice ^^ Somethings, just never change. Arsenal of an Assassin After some hard work by your lovely Producer TeamWolf, and past work from former Team Member Venom775. We finally get to show you guys some of the weapons (and with that I really mean just some) and tools you guys will get, while you try to be that One Man Army that never manages to get a kill...oh wait. That is my life story in every FPS... Ever Play Despa... Regardless, check them out! First on the list is the Slaughterer Mark I, a reliable and accurate for close range combat engagements. the Sub Machine Gun of the Harkonnen. You guys remember that Assault the Harkonnen did on a Heighliner during the Spice War? No? Just me? Hmm, no wonder this gun is known for leaving no enemies alive. Something small to kill? Next up is the Scorcher Firefly, you know when that Atreides date of yours wasn't hot enough, this is how you fix it. (Example provided at the bottom) I never understood the Harkonnen and their love for Pump-Action SHOTGUNS, must be a Giedi Prime thing. If your fire enough projectiles at them, how can you miss? Then you find out your Atreides date was a face dancer so now you are forced to take things up close and personal, with a trusty Machine Pistol. Hey, I don't blame you, priorities did come into play when I chose for House Atreides! You always need your trusty sidearm! Did I ever tell you guys, that the Harkonnen really know how to make sure things go BOOM. Something has to be heard over the roar Chain Gun fire! (Chain Gun isn't a new weapon by us) (House Harkonnen Bazooka and Chain Gun) Which only helps my House, because they usually also break things as those brainless zealots are used to do. Because of that, they have a lot of things to repair quickly with their Lasher Repair Tool before the Baron visits to inspect their base. (The Repair Tool model is a placeholder model) We wanted to make sure the weapons feel authentic, look 'beefy' in a way, while staying original and paying homage to the RTS games. But most importantly, that they feel just right. It's also vital that they play accordingly to how you would expect and giving you that edge in battle when used right. Also, asking of you that extra bit of skill when you push it to its limit. To know you mastered it when you know all it's aspects. (YES USING A REPAIR TOOL IS ALSO SKILL!) With that in mind, we are pushing forward to much more and better things. We hope that you will like them because *SPOILER ALERT* more are coming soon. The. Spice. Is. The. Directive. As hinted in the Roadmap already shown in the previous Blog, Team Death Match is coming to Battle For Dune as an official gamemode. But not just as any TDM, but one that does justice to the Spice War and many other conflicts of Dune in greater detail! To reach that, it was decided that Team Death Match and other game modes would encompass multiple different variants, where everything that ever holds value on the Dunes of Arrakis could be the objective. Maps will also come in different variations, besides the Horde ones to support this design. What combination will be your favourite? A vehicle focused dune sea? Or one of Infantry with Aircraft only? No battle will feel the same, no fight will play again after it has drawn it's first fallen water on it's endless sand upon sand. On top of that an Infantry map to support some of these Objective and gameplay flows specifically is in the works as we speak but more on that another time. On Caladan, you learn to swim by being thrown into the sea...no really, that's how you learn to swim.That's all for this Blog folks, I hope you guys enjoyed it, I definitely did ^^. Let us know what you think of the upcoming content and features in the comments below. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see next, spam it as well down there, because I told you so. Have a nice one, thanks for the read and till the next one! PS: I may or may not have a surprise for you all on some extra details about Weapons of Assassins later down the road, but no promises o/ You know when you spit in someone's face you are upholding the local customs? I tried that, they didn't appreciate it, welp, regardless, the Spice, must, flow. Follow us at the greatest and latest on Facebook Stalk us on Twitter @W3DHub Watch our best fails over on YouTube Join me and the Impatiently but oh so more hyped community at our Discord Renegade 3-12-2018 12_26_07 (2).mp4 [blurb]Hey guys, it is me again and welcome back to Dev Blog 131 of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins! Last time we covered a great many things, primarily making sure you guys were all caught up on where we are now and where we're going.[/blurb]
  3. Unusual mix made by me and inspired by two soundtracks at the same time. I was experimenting with Dune universe, and I tried to put some Red Alert style inside. Suggested as a music for "Expanse RTS" videogame. VSTi "Synapse Audio Software DUNE I" is included, as well as classic Roland sounds. Frank Klepacki, however, is using SAS DUNE II. As he said, it is more comfortable to use, and it has more sounds. https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/insidious-night http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_Insidious_Night.mp3
  4. The best orchestra and electronics mix I can offer today. I hope you enjoy it, I was composing it from scratch. I also extended it, but during the process there was some mess with rhythm, but it is okay. Also suggested this to developers of Red Sun RTS, they said it is a good soundtrack for their next videogame, Expanse RTS, and they will probably add this and other tracks from this line to their new real-time strategy game which is already on Google Play! https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/poisoned-extended http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_Poisoned_Extended.mp3
  5. The second masterpiece I made from scratch after Barren World and before the remake of Red Alert Menu Theme. Just about perfect. Almost. If only I could make it more diverse... https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/the-sea-of-mighty-sand download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_The_Sea_of_Mighty_Sand.mp3 P. S.: Suggested for Expanse RTS devs too. They appreciate it.
  6. [blurb]From the desolate world of Arrakis comes this update on the Guild and Tleilaxu's operation in the War of Assassins. Be wary of the horrors inside![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_woa.0.png[/thumb]Hello and welcome to this April Battle for Dune: War of Assassins update! We have a terrible habit of being silent, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working!! The Guild and the Tleilaxu The current state of Arrakis: The 3 last Great House of the Landsraad have been fighting for control over Arrakis for what feels like an age, with each side looking to be on the brink of victory! As the fierce fighting in the sands rages on, two great Schools of the Imperium are content with the progress of their current plan and see an opportunity to carry it to the next phase. The Spacing Guild and the Bene Tleilax start being more aggressive with their top secret project of monstrous proportions, their first step is to take care of the current ground forces that could pose a threat to them and their operations. With ultimate control over all trade to and from the Desert Planet, they poison all food and water supplies with a mutagen. Troops from each House start feeling strange at first, then sick and after at the point of death. Slowly but then much faster the Garrisons of Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos turn into Contaminators. Before anyone can react, all major ground forces are now mindless drones, looking to spread their virus and turn more into their ranks, all under the control of the Tleilaxu. A fairly young Bator (Commander) returning from Giedi Prime after a much deserved break from the fighting. Upon arriving to an Harkonnen controlled air zone near Carthag, Bator Adrian is bombarded by reports of what has unfolded on the surface in the absence of his Baron and is greatly disturbed. Touching down with a small escort force at their base in a region known as Spice, he and his troops detect readings of activity in an old ruined village, just off from an abandoned Atriedes base and go to recon the area... Horde Mode Welcome to our latest game mode, Horde (WIP name). In this game type you and your team (or alone if you are feeling up to it) are pitted in a small area against wave after wave of your past enemies and comrades, now in the form of vile Contaminators! The objective is to survive. You have 10 minutes to hold out and a shared pool of 25 deaths before it's game over. Throughout the course of the onslaught you are gifted additional weapons to aid you in their desperate fight with the unwavering drones that never stop hunting for you! Will you hold out until a Frigate comes to save you and your men, or will you join the ranks of the unrelenting Horde! A Knife in the back could come from any hand... I hope you enjoyed this April update, we promise to start rolling out more content in the very near future! As always you can keep following us here, on Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB!
  7. Battle for Dune: War of Assassins have released their latest update! This update features what the team have been up to, what's being worked on and what to expect from them next! Hey everyone, so as always it's been a super long time since we've put out any form of real update. Well here's what's been going on and what else we have planned! So if you were left feeling a little bit confused by our April update, it was indeed an April Fools joke. We aren't going to be moving over to an RTS, I'm sorry to those who were looking forward to the idea but we're still working towards a release with our current project! What's been going on? Scripts 5.0 Build Quite recently we made the jump to the latest scripts build that TT has to offer, version 5.0. This is the version that the currently released APB Delta uses and TS: Reborn are planning on releasing with soon! With these new scripts comes a lot of features with both graphical things and with what we can do. As most of you who have been following the project might of seen that we've had sprinting for awhile now in a video feature, and those who have played APB will have seen a different version, their's is thanks to 5.0 and ours is thanks to a script by triattack. Other things we can do with 5.0 is improve upon old features and create them closer to how we originally wanted them implemented, but couldn't due to limitations such as the Carryall and Harvester logic. Along with changing how Carryalls and Harvesters behave we also plan to completely redo the Sandworm script, as this can be improved majorly! Fixing 5.0 Created Bugs With new scripts builds come bugs and broken features. We've been busy fixing everything that broke when we moved over to 5.0 but there are still some issues that need ironing out, mostly with harvesting. Our version of sprinting is also not working 100% currently, which is a bit of a drag but should be a-ok next build! Maps Revamped The current maps we have ingame are fairly old, and look it. So the objective is to get them up to scratch, make improvements where needed, and update the texture work. They also lack detail in some ways, even more so in light of recent W3D levels! Fine Tuning Some of our core gameplay isn't exactly where we want it to be, so extra effort is being put in to make sure this changes. We're constantly taking a look at what's working, what doesn't and what just doesn't make sense. All with the hope that when we do get a release out to you guys, it's something we can truly be proud of! BFD_LimaOutpost So for those of you who saw our little April Fools update, you may have noticed a new map poking it's head out. This is in fact a new TDM map called Lima Outpost! It's a remake of the Renegade Tutorial terrain, which is a small Harkonnen outpost shielded in a cliff circle. There will be weapons, health packs and shield packs to pick up that will spawn in random locations. The time limit will be set to around 5 minutes, expect to hear more on this soon! Future Happenings We still have a fair amount left to do before we can release. With this, we are going to try and keep you as updated as possible with small new feeds of our progress! Some things we hope to show to you soon are; More Map Updates With the standards of our levels falling behind other W3D projects we are revamping what we currently have. On top of this we are also working on new maps which we'll hopefully be able to show off soon! New Harkonnen Weapons We have a couple of new Harkonnen weapons that we need to rig up and get ingame, what they are and how they'll work we'll hopefully be demonstrating in our next update. New First Person Hands Since day one, we've been using the old C&C Renegade hands and we thought that it was about time that we finally set up our own. There isn't much else to say on the matter right now, but hopefully in the near future we'll have something to show off! Do not trust the Lady Elara That's it once again for another one of our rare updates (hopefully not so rare from here on..), as always be sure to tell us what you think and keep following us here, on Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB!
  8. Read all about the new development direction for Battle for Dune: War of Assassins and get a sneak peak at some of the upcoming maps! Battle for Dune April Update! Hello everyone and welcome to this April BFD update! I know that we have once again been very quiet but that is all for a great reason!! The team have been talking a lot about how long it's taken the project to release and how we can seriously cut down on work time, all in the aim to get you the best Dune game that you deserve! So, after much talk and much planning and redesigning we've finally come to a model that we all agree one! I present to you, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins the Real Time Strategy game! We realised how long things were taking and how we could best recreate Emperor: Battle for Dune, the answer was staring at us the entire time!! But enough with the reason why, here is what we have to show so far!! As you can see, we have all our maps that we've already shown off, Spice, Shield Wall, Dune Patrol and another new map, Lima Outpost!! Lima Outpost will be leading the way to our new gametype, Last Stand! In this gametype you control one Hero infantry or a Squad and you must take out the other players units!! To go along with our new direction we'll be fully recreating all of Emperor's features, improving them and adding more! Some of those features include; Constant Cloaked Snipers Earth Thinking Machines Rain! A new Green toxic resource! A new faction, The CHOAM Mercs Trees And much, much more! Off I go, like a wild Ass into the desert! Well that's it for this fun packed and overflowing update, I hope you liked it and expect to see more about it here, soon!!!
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