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EDM / DUBSTEP / DRUM&BASS / JUNGLE / ACID / ELECTRONICA thread (post videos in SPOILER tags)

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no holds barred "post your favourite X song" thread for the above genres




inspired by listening to SPOR for the first time ever

good jesus christ at 2:10 ^


souncloud for audiophiles -

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adding spoiler tags to save bandwidth on baddy computers
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Now this is a post i was NOT expecting on this forum :)


Pleasantly surprised!


I've been Dj'ing and producing DNB for years and have a pretty decent vinyl collection. It goes from like 1992-2012, and that picture is only a small part of it:






That spor tune is SICK but I'm more into the jump up side of things like:





Also into the lighter side too (play this on a sunny day)




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spoiler'd the YT links to save bandwidth
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Also into the lighter side too (play this on a sunny day)





i love sunny day tunes like:



aaand here comes a spam of other favourites



a few mashups too here i like.



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Christ, I only knew of "put a donk on it" because of Space Station 13 and me and my friends had always wanted to know where the hell the soundbite that plays on server start came from.

I could post my own music since it's all electronic, I've never tried to fit any of it into any particular genre though.

Instead I'll just post some Justice:



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It has been brought to attention that the growing number of embedded videos in this thread is lagging THE ENTIRE WORLD this thread out pretty badly for some.

From now on in threads like this one which contain primarily videos, please post your videos as spoiler tags instead like so:


Thank you for your compliance with the brotherhood in this matter! :D

I will also be changing some of the already-posted videos to links to help cut down on lag.

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changed hyperlink tags to spoiler tags, please use spoiler tags in future for videos in this thread
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right everyone i've changed all your videos to SPOILER tags so people with baddie computers can actually load the post.


in future please post videos to this thread in spoiler format as outlined in Einstein's post (which i edited appropriately)

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