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  1. Bucky was manipulated and didn't even remember his own name.
  2. Which has sided with Iron Man. Checkmate
  3. I wouldn't say ketchup the most publicity System Shock has had, that is noteworthy besides this, is an episode by zero punctuation. Kinda like the original Deus Ex however it has had prequels recently.
  4. You're never to young for a Vietnam flashback.
  5. Metal Gearraarararararhhrr Deus Ex Mass Effect
  6. Can you elaborate on this? What's the rationale behind hiding the Warframe channel inside a clan specific area? It seems daft to me to NOT have all the games channels under a "Games" category... 1. Probably that SG Warframe clan has now grown to 60 in game members and is expanding faster than W3D Hub. We are about to ask strike to open up more member slots for our Teamspeak... as now we have more members than our teamspeak can support. 2. Warframe needs the more channels that I have put in, because just the other day we had 20 people in 1 channel (Only about 6-7 were the normal people the rest new people you've never met.) ALL PLAYING WARFRAME, and it got pretty hecktic. It was fucking fun but still pretty crowded. 3. We've elected to join an alliance in Waframe. Which means even more people flooding into the Teamspeak... So no from me.
  7. The sky is blue because God loves the infantry.
  8. Other than the flagrant mis-spelling of my name, I'd say I was pretty happy ! Just kidding, it's great to be a a part of the team! Well you see.. Nodlied is scum, and must be lynched. Also welcome new testers ;D
  9. I wouldn't say it has started quite yet. DA:I was fucking fantastic, and I don't even like Dragon Age games. Also just going to point out that C&C games after EA took over got 80% more balanced than any of the previous titles. There were actual reasons to build something other than Mediums, Heavies, Grizzlies, Rhinos, Titans, and Ticks. Case and point C&C 3 was probably one of the best titles in C&C history in terms of actual balance and it only had what 8 months dev time because blizz announced SC2: Wings of Liberty. Kane's Waffles made it even better. They just couldn't compete with Blizz and sales showed it. EA suits are dicks but they know what is and isn't working. (but yeah story went a little eh) Sims 4 was shit and Sim City was getting even worse. My money is on Visceral being next. DS3 was bad and Hardline was even worse. Then if Battlefield and Battlefront doesn't step up the game Dice might be next.
  10. That's probably because generals was actually balanced
  11. No. Nononono it isn't ready. It hasn't been tested. We don't even know if it works! If what works? Muuhh... April Fools Muchine.
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