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Save Me 2.0


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Welcome forum game junkies! Here's another quick fun touch-and-go game! (Great for me since I usually don't have time for more in-depth things such as Mafia.)

This game works similarly to Corrupt A Wish, but somewhat backwards. How does that work? Well its simple!

  1. Someone posts a description of a situation in which they are in peril and will most certainly lose their life if there is no intervention.
  2. The next poster must then engineer a creative way (McGyver, Superheroes, The A-Team, whatever floats your boat) in which the previous poster will be saved from their peril, but then they (either by the events leading to the salvation of the previous poster, or by a non-related event) also end up in an equally perilous predicament.
  3. Return to step 2.

The rules are these:

  1. Remain civil and follow all forum rules at all times.
  2. Some discussion is allowed, but do not derail this thread.
  3. Do not attempt to break the game. (not sure how you would anyway)
  4. Have fun.

I'll begin:

While on a deep-sea drug deal fishing expedition, my glorious Soviet Flak bote is caught in a terribad Mother-Russian hurricane. Halp!

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As everything pauses for that infinitesimally small period of time where the dice roll decides your fate, the Left Hand of RNGsus swoops in and deals you a lucky hand! FRAYDO happens to be on the other side of the storm and takes the big hit for you as your vessel is swept by the turbulence into calm. You are saved!

Meanwhile, I'm at Safeway, buying food for the week as always, when some punk-ass dipwad with an auto shotty runs in and starts spraying indiscriminately. Somebody, halp!

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Killing You, in his delusions, dashes into the supermarket wearing a superman costume while proclaiming he's bulletproof. He then proceeds to take a shot that wings his shoulder before disarming the perpetrator. He's a bleeding idiot (literally in this case), but you are saved!

At the same time, I'm making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm home bound. Staring blankly ahead and making my way through the crowd when all of the sudden I need you and I miss you and now I wonder If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by? 'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight. As I'm lost in thought, I hear the blaring sound of a horn bring me back to my surroundings and I turn to see a car quickly coming towards me. Help!

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As it turns out, I am not Superman, but in fact The Flash! After rapidly healing from the wound, My super speed activates, and I pull you out of the way out of the car.

But, right before I speed away, I'm hit with a mysterious dart. I fall to the ground, unconscious, and a group of masked men pull me into a van. You recognize the Umbrella logo on the van, and know that I am in danger!

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I'm driving my demo truck down the road, and I happen to accidentally drive into the van. The nuke doesn't go off, but the masked men see the bomb and run off. I have been knocked unconscious from the crash, and the bomb starts to beep its countdown...

Oh yeah, and Killing_You is still unconscious as well.

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A Good Samaritan happens to wander through the area, discovering the damaged van, the overturned demolition truck, and the two unconscious men lying on the ground. Inspecting the bomb, the Good Samaritan determines there is no cause for concern. Through some major goof in the wiring, the countdown timer set on the bomb actually begins to count up! The bomb's time will not be hitting zero any time soon, so the Good Samaritan takes the time to move the two unconscious men at an easy pace away to a safe distance of more than five metres.

Satisfied with the rescue, the Good Samaritan ponders over waking the unconscious strangers or simply leaving them be. Deep in thought, he doesn't realize what trouble is coming his way.

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I can necro this right?

On 9/16/2018 at 10:57 PM, FRAYDO said:

a safe distance of more than five metres.

The safest of distances for sure :v

Also you broke the game fraydurr, you didn't post what danger you are actually in, so we can't save you now! :argh:

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