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Interim Apex 2021 August/Autumn Build


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first time posting here (its me, that guy that hardly says anything in-game) came here to read about new build...but

regarding this bit "I will be able to get new PC soon probably in February after lunar new year which i may host my own test server for the upcoming newer build and possible some bot match there if you want to."

I'm obviously just walking into this blind and have no idea what the situation/requirements for you are...but i have a rack server currently doing just about nothing and gigabit up/down fiber connection, id be perfectly happy to donate as much as 28 CPU cores, 50GB of RAM, 256GB NVMe space and at least 600Mbps towards test server, in VPS form

or 32 cores 32GB of RAM if you'd like a dedicated bare metal option, both with whatever OS you'd like and root access

just thought id let it be known its available, i enjoy Interim Apex so id be happy to help out if i can

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3 hours ago, TemporaryName said:

what are names of those CPUs?

Fair question I should have included more details, sorry.

These aren't new rack servers with Epycs or something, they are AMD Opteron 6380 (X4, 2 + 2), RAM is 1600MHz ECC.

I do also have the Ryzen 9 5950X in my main PC (with 64GB of RAM, non-ECC) if more processing power is needed. However it wouldn't be available 24/7, only for occasional jobs. I also need it for either gaming or various compute jobs (rendering/simulation usually, on rare occasion code compile)

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Such an amazing game, I used to play decades ago with the old timers, doom2yu, speedy059 and the like... Pretty cool what you have done with it though I admit I haven't been able to learn all the new features and then Threve is always blowing up my base before I can learn anything...

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