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Infiltration- A Choose Your Own Adventure Story (fixed)


What will Mayhem do?  

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  1. 1. Choice 3

    • Go after Lukas.
    • Attempt to steal the briefcase.
    • Continue through the meeting.

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Reposting to a new thread since I borked the poll, but am pretty sure I know how to not break it.

Chapter 1: Just Another Day on the Job.

Agent's Code Name: Mayhem
Mission Date: May 25th, 1998
Mission Objective: Infiltrate Nod Research Centre, extract any essential data, disable research centre.

Background: It is the middle of the First Tiberium War. Nod is now working out in the open. Several poorer nations have put their backing behind Nod. The media has begun to turn against GDI, the town of Białystok has turned into a firestorm of accusations against GDI for crimes against humanity.

With Nod feeling confident, they've begun to make mistakes. Recently, intelligence officers have uncovered a Nod research centre about 25 miles outside of Salzburg, Austria, near the town of Traschwandt. There have been reports of people and livestock disappearing from Traschwandt, but the local officials have been suspiciously quiet on this matter. A Tiberium field appeared about two months ago and has been spreading at a higher rate than usual.


Mayhem is currently on a stealth plane preparing to land near the research centre. How should he do it?

1. Nod has set up a small base near the research centre, on the side of the Tiberium field opposite of Traschwandt. The base is lightly defended and consists of an Airfield, a Hand of Nod, and a power plant.

2. Land in the Tiberium Field. Mayhem's field suit can protect him for a short time from Tiberium exposure. Aerial intelligence has not verified any threats, but movement has been seen in the field.

3. Land at Traschwandt. There is no official Nod presence in the town. However, the villagers are on edge and the local officials have turned a blind eye to the disappearances of persons and livestock.

Inventory: Tiberium field suit
.50 cal silenced sniper rifle (6 bullets)
C4 charges (2)
Mossberg 500 shotgun (12 shells)


Note:  I've changed updates to weekly over twice weekly. After this week, updates will be in separate posts.

If you feel you need more information, I'll give it at my discretion.


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Coin flip results 2/3 for landing in Traschwandt.

Mayhem indicates to the pilot to fly over Transchwandt. It is about 2000h when he lands outside the village. The village consists of a few small suburbs, a Municipal Building in the town square, and the regular conveniences of life (grocery stores, churches, etc...). On the outskirts of the city, a few small farms are also present. There's an obvious class divide with houses of local notables being prominent compared to the regular houses.

The streets are lit by a few street lamps on the main strip, but many of the side streets are dark. There's no indication that Tiberium has taken root within the bounds of the village yet.

Mayhem noticed as he was coming down that there was no one on the streets and many of the buildings had their lights off. From where Mayhem landed, he noticed that the Municipal Building seemed to have a crowd gathered both in and outside the building.

Approaching closer to the building, Mayhem begins to hear voices, and many of them are not happy. Mayhem slips into an unoccupied building on the opposite side of the village square from the Municipal Building. Mayhem at this time is undetected by any townsfolk or authorities, he has seen no indication of stealth soldiers, or any Nod presence in the town.

Mayhem now plots his next move...

Additional info:

Mayhem is familiar with the local language, but his accent would give away that he is not from this part of the country at the very least. He would have no problem reading the local dialect either.


1.  Approach the Municipal Building to eavesdrop on the gathering. Mayhem is able to see a few access points to get into the building if needed and, other than at the front of the building, there doesn't appear to be any guards around the building.

2. Search the town. Mayhem is unsure how long the gathering at the Municipal Building will go on for, but from the occasional raised voice he hears, it seems he would have time to go to a few of the more prominent places in town before it breaks up.

3. Go to the farms on the outskirts. Mayhem's intel indicated that people and livestock had been disappearing over the last few months. Mayhem would also have additional time if the gathering was broken up early for any reason.

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Mayhem believes his best chance to get further information is to eavesdrop on the crowd at the Municipal Building.

Leaving the unoccupied building he was in, Mayhem works his way around the village square and to the side of the Municipal Building. As he gets closer, he notices a line of local police outside the main entrance blocking what appears to be the poorer folks of the village. There is a group of seven police holding back a group of about fifty villagers. The police are armed, but several of the villagers are making threatening gestures and demanding to be let into the building.

Mayhem gathers from this that anything important to know is being discussed inside the building. There is an open window on the side of the building at the third floor. The building is of an older style made with bricks. Noticing this, Mayhem climbs up the side and peers in. The window leads to a balcony overlooking the main hall. The main hall has several rows of chairs and a stage. The chairs are occupied by what appears to be middle to upper class villagers and the stage has several chairs with the prominent village members sitting.

Sitting on the stage are; The village priest, the mayor, the banker, and a man with wearing a small Nod insignia.

Mayhem has surveyed the balcony and is alone. He listens to the debate ongoing. From what he hears, the prominent members of the village have been in discussions with Nod for several months. The priest extols the wonderful grace that God has given the people with the gift of Tiberium and how Nod simply wants to better mankind. The mayor and the banker agree on the economic and political viability that an alliance with Nod would have. The man with the Nod insignia also identifies himself. He is a low ranking officer within the Brotherhood, but very charismatic. He tells of how Tiberium is the herald of a new age, how the people Traschwandt have long suffered under the yoke of the UN, he disparages GDI and all the greed and horrors they've committed... the usual Nod propaganda Mayhem had heard a hundred times in a hundred different places.

The majority of the villagers in the seats seem to agree but one man stands up and begins to question the officer. His name is Lukas and he is the head of the farmer's coalition, a recently formed group of the local farmers who have pooled their resources and influence together behind Lukas. He questions the recent disappearances of people and livestock. The Nod officer states he empathizes with their plight, that the ongoing war and the changes to the earth from Tiberium have led to a lot of upheaval throughout the world, but of course Nod has nothing to do with this. They look to bring peace, prosperity, and brotherhood of course.

Lukas throws out accusations from several of the farmers that they have seen Nod soldiers and vehicles taking away people. When pushed for proof, however, Lukas has none but the testimony of the farmers. The prominent citizens brush this off as the imagination of the poor folk and it seems many agree with them. Lukas does not back down and becomes increasingly frustrated and irate, leading, after a few minutes, for him to leave out a side entrance yelling back how 'they won't get away with this!'.

Despite the outburst, it seems the meeting will go on for a while yet as the Nod officer has a proposal for the villagers.

Mayhem observes the situation.

Additional Info:

Immediately after Lukas left, two men in plainclothes followed behind him.
From Mayhem's vantage point, he is able to see most the hall, including behind a curtain at the back of the hall where he notices a small briefcase with a Nod insignia.
Mayhem's position in the balcony is dark and the only way there is through a few flights of wooden stairs which lead down to the main hall.


1. Go after Lukas- Although Mayhem came in the middle of the meeting, it is clear that most of the higher ups in the village and many of the middle to upper class villagers are sympathetic to Nod. Lukas could be a potential ally in infiltrating the research centre, but he currently has two people following him.

2. Attempt to steal the briefcase- The briefcase belongs to a low level Nod officer, while not likely to have any plans on slapping together a nuclear device, it is likely it would have some information regarding the research centre.

3. Continue listening to the rest of the meeting- With Lukas gone, the Nod officer appears to be relaxing and getting himself ready to unveil whatever the proposed 'alliance' will do for the town. It appears the prominent citizens have been in talks with Nod for several months, so they likely know about the research centre. This may be revealed to the villagers and the purpose of the centre could come to light.

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This is a tough choice, but I'm going to go with option 1, and I think I have a solid reason for doing so.  Options 2 and 3 offer good payouts, but we can get those payouts later in the story, most likely.  If we save Lukas from what are likely Nod agents following him, we could rally the anti-Nod segment of the population.  That's basically what we came here to do, and if we don't do this, we risk potentially losing it entirely.  We can unlock a slew of options for progression here that could become unavailable if we try to rush the main objective, basically.

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Obviously, I'm going for Option 1 at this point, manpower is the best resource we could hope to obtain from the village, since most other forms of intelligence can more reliably be gathered from directly traveling to the Research Center and scouting it out for ourselves instead of relying on sketchy intelligence sources, such as Option 3.

As for Option 2, honestly we could get lucky in what sort of information or devices it contains. But that means passing up on Option 1, which presents a far more likely reward.

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I very much like your story-telling abilities here, and the story is coming along well! It is a very good read.

Option 1 seems to be our best bet. Option 2 is not likely to offer us much intel that we probably could not gather ourselves, while Option 3 does not give us much benefit either at this time. Lukas may need our help, he may not. He is the head of the farmer coalition after all, so our assistance may not be needed in dispatching the two men following him, if they do in fact turn out to be a threat to him.

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17 hours ago, FRAYDO said:

I very much like your story-telling abilities here, and the story is coming along well! It is a very good read.

Option 1 seems to be our best bet. Option 2 is not likely to offer us much intel that we probably could not gather ourselves, while Option 3 does not give us much benefit either at this time. Lukas may need our help, he may not. He is the head of the farmer coalition after all, so our assistance may not be needed in dispatching the two men following him, if they do in fact turn out to be a threat to him.

Lol, watch them turn out to be his buddies acting as bodyguards and we're wrong.

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19 hours ago, OrangeP47 said:

Lol, watch them turn out to be his buddies acting as bodyguards and we're wrong.

What, are you telling me this isn't how you assassinate the mob leader right outside the town center by the angry mob  and local police force?

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