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On 11/27/2022 at 3:52 PM, LeonardMT said:

Wait a minute.......... Swamp of illusions isn't new! It's just an update of Forest of illusions!

It's not really an update of FoI per se; it's more like a spiritual successor to it. ;)

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Just a small update this time.


  • Mobile Artillery has improved hitboxes. Its texture has also been touched up further.
  • Submarine death uses proper Attack Sub model.
  • MiG smoke trail lifetime cut in half (performance improvement).

Minor Map Adjustments

  • RA_AS_Seamist: Added a few emitter effects at the destroyed Allied Refinery.
  • RA_AS_Seamist: Fixed a lighting glitch in the tunnel underneath the Dome.
  • RA_CoastalInfluence: Fixed a stuck position between a rock and the bridge in front of the Allied base.
  • RA_KeepOffTheGrass: Unfloated a group of trees outside the Allied base.
  • RA_Pipeline: Fixed a stuck position for vehicles near the oil pump on the hill.
  • RA_RidgeWar: Fixed a stuck position for infantry next to the destroyed Allied Service Depot prop.
  • RA_SwampOfIllusions: Shock Trooper Spy replaced by Flamethrower Spy.
  • RA_SwampOfIllusions: Now supports [infantry] bots.
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