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  1. I have window 7 and the launcher doesn't work anymore for me either. Won't even launch. An error message pops up saying it stopped working and that's it.
  2. No wonder every Apoc Rising video ever has been from far away or tanks only, hehe. I swear I've seen some others though, unless you've scrapped some finished models and started over. I recall seeing an untextured but modelled conscript, finished GI, finished rocketeer, nearly finished tesla trooper, and I think a WIP textured model for engineer.
  3. Last I checked, GI, rocketeer, and tesla trooper are done, and conscript just needs textures. Lot more inf though.
  4. I've been told by devs it's around 70% ready for public release, but from what I see here, it looks more like 90%/95%.
  5. I said this in another thread, but I'll make my suggestion official: Cyborg Commando emp immunity: I have yet to see a CC be as effective as ghoststalker. A GS can camp a building for 30 seconds to kill it with their C4, which usually does the job even if the GS dies before then (which is less likely to happen with medic escort), and yet the cycborg commando gets stopped if a single mine is at an entrance, and usually there's layers and multiple mines per entrance which take time for engineers to disarm. On that note, get rid of GS C4. Speed and medic support option already does the ghoststalker justice, the C4 is just overkill. Making the units as close to TS as you can doesn't do well for balancing in an fps.
  6. I agree to less health and a time limit. Especially if they're placed near base defenses or high-traffic areas (which is most of the time), where they're for all intents and purposes impossible to remove without sacrificing something to the mines to remove them. And with the Ghost Stalker having c4, possible medic support, and immunity to being crushed (including by stealth vehicles which emp counters), I think the cyborg commando should be given emp immunity just to balance it. Not fair that the GS can blow up a building by camping inside for 20 seconds and Cyborg commando gets stopped if there so happens to be a single mine at an entrance.
  7. lol, I can tell by the comments who likes to spam the p stuff like medics, cyborgs, and mammoths.
  8. What's the rate at which the medic heals? The medic was really op with its ability to almost instantly heal a gs with a quick retreat behind a rock.
  9. Is there a way to shuffle the rotation or something? Seems like the same 7 or so maps on repeat.
  10. On another note, have you replaced/improved models? Those tanks and buildings look more detailed and well-shaded than I previously recall.
  11. I'm no coder, but I have experience with wikia as a staff member on another wiki, performing general quality assurance and insurance against vandalism.
  12. How far along are you? As far as visuals go, it looks just about done. Then again, didn't see the entire arsenal.
  13. Don't want to to be... TOO popular, though. A certain level of discretion could be a good thing. There comes a point where you can't be really active without having too many game-ruining trolls and killwhores everywhere. Like when there's 40+ people playing at once.
  14. I don't think quality is an issue. Reborn is more detailed, complete, and balanced than vanilla renegade. Just the branding. People don't seem to trust indies. On another note, the "stupid noobs, get out of here!" behavior I frequently witness certainly doesn't help.
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