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  1. oh my god I know right once I had a disk from renegade studios that definitely had a virus on it cause windows 10 was having trouble running it but overall I cant wait to play ECW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !
  2. I certainly had a lot of fun singing. Nice change of pace.
  3. Time to collect some crates! @OWA, you might like to see this one.
  4. I think I'm going to try to participate in as much of this as I can, at least for the C&C games.
  5. I think you guys will like this one. It's all about the Jumpjet trooper!
  6. That's great. The sudden sweet tooth reference really made me laugh. I love it!
  7. Yep, making these things again. Here's the first of several planned episodes. Fun fact: The C&C LEGO logo was designed by AZ-Stalker, and the voices were done by me and Killing_You!
  8. I'm just happy to see an Ace Combat game that returns to the Osean battlefront. Hearing the Kestrel 2 (or Kestrel II, whatever) is pretty exciting. Knowing that it's going to be released on the PC? Even more exciting.
  9. I talked to Tchutch, he said it'll be back up in a couple days.
  10. Any chance you guys can change the title of this thread so it reflects the fact that CNCNZ is not shutting down on the main page? Thanks.
  11. Just a heads up, if you want to join us, please please PLEASE contact us through teamspeak. It's the easiest way.
  12. So I've rebooted the C&C Lego series, sort of. I'm really not absolute on the direction it will go in, but here's somewhat of a "return" episode. Lemme know what you think! Some have the opinion that the gun sounds are a little too loud. I'd like to know what your opinions are, it's been a while since I've made one of these and I'm using some new techniques.
  13. Having trouble getting started with the W3D Hub Launcher? Here's a nifty walkthrough! Step 0. Download and install the Launcher. (This can take a few minutes.) Step 1. Open the launcher and click "Games". Step 2. Click the game you want to play. Right now, Red Alert: A Path Beyond (APB), Tiberian Sun: Reborn (TSR), and Expansive Civilian Warfare (ECW) are the only ones that are released to the public. Step 3. Click "Install." Step 4. Wait for the game packages to be downloaded and installed completely. You must leave the launcher open during this process. Occasionally this process will fail the first time around, usually due to an unstable internet connection. If this happens, just exit the smaller download window and click "Install" again. Only the packages that failed to download the first time will be re-downloaded, and then the install process will complete automatically. Step 5. Click on "Server Browser" and join any available server (More will appear as more games are released). It may take a few seconds for player count to display, but you can join the server immediately. Step 6. If this is your first time playing after installing, you may have to configure your video / audio settings. Sometimes these settings will not actually take effect until you start the game for the second time. Additionally, if you click your monitor (Generic PnP Monitor in the example image), you might reveal more resolution options that are specific to the monitor you will be playing the game on. Step 7. You're now in game! If you have any issues, please make a thread in the Help & Support forum and we will be happy to help you figure it out!
  14. Of course! Ask away! For most of the clips, there were several people in the server who were willing to help set up scenes. I used the !spec command to make myself invisible and just spectate the match, where I could float around, and then I turned off my hud with the `hud command. From there, I used FRAPS to record quite a few scenes, and for the part where I put myself in video, I used a green screen. That was probably the hardest part to work with because it was hard to get the lighting right. After all was recorded, I added in all the sounds and music one at a time. Programs I used: Sony Vegas (Re-rendering) Magix Movie Maker (Most of the scene editing work) Adobe Aftereffects (Green Screening) Adobe Photoshop (individual picture editing, especially for the still images at the end) Audacity (Sound Editing)
  15. Yes, we got many scenes and this is just the short version. I plan on releasing a second (and possibly third) video with more of the footage I got.
  16. Here's a teaser video I've made for Tiberian Sun Reborn! Expect a couple more informative videos for Tiberian Sun: Reborn and a number of other W3D Hub projects in the future! I'll be discussing the overall gameplay, mechanics, and development of Tiberian Sun Reborn in the next video!
  17. I think that's funny as shit. Jumping from that spot in particular is always what causes it, too. My favorite is when you jump and the character says "Move move move!"
  18. So it would seem! Thanks! Sorry, Zenothist is a completely different person. I'm not in any way connected to Mental Omega.
  19. Hi all. So, I'm new, sort of. More like, I've never been on this site particularly, but I've been around the community. Most of you who know me likely know me because of my C&C Legos series. Just figured I'd pop in and say "Hi," I'm looking to being a contributor here, and I hope to settle in well. Nice community here.
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