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Squid's nuclear power station model

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Here's a little 3D model (concept) that I've made over about 2 days, It's a small nuclear power station.

I found a free rendering program for Sketchup, but I don't really have the hang of it yet, so the renders are a bit basic.

















Additional Images
















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It could be exported in a variety of formats (like .obj) but I don't think it would be worth it; sketchup is a very fast and inaccurate modelling program and the things I design would be terribly polygon inefficient (I gather) and probably full of terrible, inexcusable, blue-screening errors.

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Thanks everyone :)


Jerard I tend to agree, those poles were a bit dubious from the start; I wasn't really sure where I was going with them...

I think if you just make them thinner they will come out looking better, in addition you could place a dazzle effect on the end of each rod to give it that final touch (granted, the stock dazzle lights aren't very impressive and aren't viewable for long rangers, but with some tweaks and better textures you can end up with something rather nice).

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you could place a dazzle effect on the end of each rod to give it that final touch


Translation: MOAR DAZ'LROD


I just now got around to looking at this thread for some reason, not sure how/why i skipped it. It looks great! All these artsy things make me so jelly because I can't do any of it! lol. Keep up the good work man!

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Last I checked the free version couldn't do the proper format, I thought.




Hold on, hold on. Sketchup seems to have changed it's policy it looks like enduar was right! I went to check the export formats and sketchup gave me some warning about my '30 days being up' (this is a new 'feature') and I can only export in a .dae now. I'll have to update the tutorial at some point now >.>


Edit: DAE's can be quickly converted (it seems) to other formats for free(?) with programs like this; http://www.greentoken.de/onlineconv/- so although sketchup won't let you export a 3ds (urgh) you can still use it.

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I figured a freeware solution would probably pop up for it. At any rate I've been toying with Blender now, but it would be nice to grab that hover fortress design and fix it up to export it. (it's probably got a ton of extraneous geometry floating around inside of it)

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