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  1. Have you put this up in other places ? Such as the forums at SWR , CNCNZ , Project Perfect Mod , Revora , cncnet and perhaps the forms for openra . These are all of the main forums that I can think of that discuss C&C things so if your looking for help these would be where you should ask for it . Here are their addresses : http://forums.swr-productions.com/ http://forums.cncnz.com/ http://www.ppmforums.com/index.php https://forums.revora.net/ https://forums.cncnet.org/ http://www.sleipnirstuff.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=80 There was another project like this a year or two ago , I'll see if I can find some info on it . EDIT : Found it ! OpenSage : https://github.com/feliwir/openSage You may want to look up the two people who contributed to it they may be interested in helping . Feliwir : https://github.com/feliwir? Tarcontar : https://github.com/Tarcontar
  2. Why ... , I need to get an internet connection at the dorm on of these days . Sadly its not in the 40k universe
  3. I also think soviet tanks are a bit too fragile . There was and only post that said that they would add directional armor which I think would help but I've seen no sign of it being implemented .
  4. So can we post our own mods ? I have a personal mod that replaces all of the posters with better ones in the nod barracks .
  5. Cool I love robocraft I'm a SMG track user sadly still not at level 100. Edit : your T-rex looks awesome ! Do you know that you can crouch with legs and that makes you jump higher .
  6. Why every I read your name I read Noodled not Nodlied xD dyslexia

  7. Hope it all goes well . But sadly it appears I'm late so the interview is mostlikely over . So Enstein Is most likely either celebrating or sulking , I hope the first one comes true.
  8. Also most of the long time members don't play everyday but rather usully once a week or month on a game night , friday or over the weekend . As It is much more easy to find other players at these times .
  9. These are the type of thing that you laugh at when it happens but sadly you forget soon afterwards . If I come across any I will post about it ,
  10. I wish it looked this good in game Qusetion does the engine support parralax in textures ?
  11. Star Citizen is pretty messed up , wish backers good luck .

  12. Last 6 months of matric so study and dealing with @#$% . So that what I do every day
  13. Introducing : Here : http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?PHPSESSID=6fu87109gnm83capeh827ebmm7&topic=4441.0 What do you think of this project ? Opinions ?
  14. Good to hear that someone is excited over our future prospects . I should be able to make it unless to go camping in the bush . ( sadly no internet if thats the case ) In other new I informed a friend of mine about the event some of you may know him from BHP , Nautagrim . However he has had issues with creating thes user for the web site . Long story short I may need some help latter on and we might see him this weekend .
  15. I love cnc , I'm certain it has had quite an effect on me . One of the few nightmares I had as a child always ends with the siren and nuclear explosing from RA2 . It scared me badly when I was young being 6 or 7 . The first game I owned was Genrals . I'll all aways play cnc , I'm especially looking forward to playing OpenRA for the next few years .
  16. Your service provider could be limiting your internet speed or there lots of traffic .
  17. There is no way you beat 7 brutals united against you on a non-island, no-bridges destroyed (route to you cut) map with superweapons turned on If you set the game speed to 1 anything is possible Provided you have enough patience .
  18. It was my kind of match, because (if you turned off the shroud and spectated) you could see and hear carnage all over the place! Gunshot after gunshot, explosion after explosion, constant screams of the dieing. Just keep making more units! There was always fighting. Sounds like lots of fun but I haven't played MO as they have yet to fix the balance of some units . For now I'm just waiting . But I do agree with you , MO online is epic . Personally I generally like to make a play of sort in the start of a the match , infantry rush etc and keep alternating after every match to keep my opponents guessing and things interesting . However I kind of suck at most late game matches as I lack the discipline to carry out long term plans and simply attack the enemy with overwhelming forces if possible . For base defenses I use very little usually a few in the most accessible entrance / likely attack direction and dogs or other light cheap unit at other entrances so I can have some warning time in case of an enemy attack also a few AA turrets . I'm not certain if this is a good thing but I usually prefer to sell any unneeded structures e.g. spare refineries or lower leveled power plants . The only time I ever really build up defenses is when I'm loosing , when it looks like I found a cool place for a fort or just for fun . I also believe that there is no such thing as excessive force however I don't like wasting units unless they have been damaged them I'll ether continue to attack if preferable or retreat out of combat to attack from somewhere else . + I love big battles and I'm not too concerned about attrition however I usually have a good/okay kd ratio.
  19. Seems cool but the "kickstarter project" link is dead / the cancelled it . Their new one is here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/525138512/disciples-of-the-storm-rts The game looks interesting but I'm not so sure about the art style , I'll give the old one a try .
  20. The thing I enjoyed most about RA2 was that once you meet the victory conditions in the campaign , the AI would sell all of it's structures and send every unit it has in one final massive charge .
  21. I love getting an awesome economy as quickly as possible than just steam rolling my enemies . If I know my opponent I may try a quick rush . I enjoy map awareness so in Generals I usually play as the USA. I love sneaky tactics such as rushing engineers or crazy Ivans in the first five minutes of the game too.
  22. The officer has higher dps against infantry doesn't he ? And aren't they removing the officers AA rocket launcher , I think ?
  23. I just want Cabal and the Forgotten as a proper faction I'll think of something , most likely expensive but strong units .
  24. I've played warzone 2100 but I've uninstalled it as the UI is horrible and the economy doesn't make sense . 0 A.D. If you want a really good free RTS is suggest 0 AD , which is like a free version of age of empire with much better graphics , many modern features , mods , however it's still in alpha. http://play0ad.com Pictures Zero-K And Zero-k if you interested in a fast paced supreme commander type game. http://zero-k.info/ Video There are other awesome free games I know of but the internet is shit right now so I'll post about them latter .
  25. You can't even tell it a trailer for a strategy game , no large scale battle or epic villain monolog However this will help bring more life into the rts genre , and despite not enjoying the halo games other than the 1st I would like to give it a try . The only problem is that in the first one they apparently dumbed it down lots to appeal more to their fps fans . And I usually prefer more complected strategy games such as supreme commander , Zero-K , C&C , Dawn of war ( less for strategy more for epic battles ). I just hope it's not too much build large army and steam role your enemy .
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