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Greetings, in this way i want to announce upcoming campaign I am working on. I called it [Tiberium Resurrection] - it tells story after Nod mission Sheep's clothing (where Nod undercover as GDI mass-murdered mutants and captured Tratos), so the relationship between GDI and Mutants is really bad. It will contain 3 missions for now (maybe i will add more later), few multiplayer / skirmish maps and some changes to environment (New tiberium type, paved cliffs -  thanks to Holland.) It is not complete yet, however now I can tell that map will not be very big but there will be many triggers, and so i recommend you actually checking every black tile for text speech, bonus money or maybe something else :) . I will update  this topic so you can see my progress and maybe some screenshots soon. I want to release first mission in november. Also, if you have any suggestions / requests / wishes  / feedback, etc. just reply. Thats all for now, have a good day. 

<----------> MAPS <---------->

1st - [LOST SHEEP]

  • Map progress:  100%
  • Triggers and objectives progress:
  • 1st - single unit: 100%
  • 2nd - partial control: 90%
  • 3rd - total control: 0%



Welcome Commander. After Nod went undercover as GDI and mass-murdered mutants we are having serious problems cooperating with them. We need to regain their trust and show them who is real enemy. First step in this journey is located in yellow zone. One of our bases focused on Tiberium research stopped transmitting. Problem is that we are not sure how did that happened. There are 3 possible answers: mutants / ion storms / Nod. So we need you to investigate and report. You will be send undercover of night to nearby city. Your task is to contact mutants [DO NOT KILL THEM] and try to regain their trust and any informations regarding our base. Then move into the base where is our radar scanning ionstorms. Your task is to check if there were frequent ion storms in last 2 weeks. You will get new objectives according to situation.

1): Contact mutants. Do not use deadly force until necessary!

2): Check radar on the top of the mountain to the southeast!

                                  - FULL map will have 4 objectives, BETA only 2


  • Map progress:  15%
  • Triggers and objectives progress: 10%

Progress updates: 



Commander! Thanks to your heroic actions near Tiberium mountain relationship with mutants is better. However this is not end. Some
regions with mutants are under control of Nod and their propaganda. We need to prevent this. Your next task will be to capture
radar arrays so we can transmit and then destroy Nod propaganda convoys and base. However if we do this out loud they will probably murder mutants
before we rescue them. So at first we will destroy 3 propaganda radars. Then we need to quietly wipe out their 4 propaganda convoys (1 in each village), evacuate mutants and build a base. Then wipe them out!
1) Destroy 3 propaganda radars.
2) Destroy 4 propaganda convoys.
3) Build base and wipe out any Nod presence.

                                  - This will be stealthy mission. So be really careful.




- Nod is retreating! Great job. However, we need to deal them final blow so they will remember that! Aloud and with destruction - Your
word for this mission. But it will be though fight. Nod has invented radar that manipulates Tiberium life-forms in their favor. However they are aggressive
to anyone who comes nearby. So we can let them taste their own medicine. Problem is that radar is heavily defended. So what we will do
is simple - we will break through their first line of defense, capture radar and finish them. After we capture radar we will have mutants and
life-forms on our side so it will be 3 vs 1 fight. Should be simple, huh?
1) Capture radar and kill everything with Nod badge.

                                  - This one is just concept. It may change but most of the map should be city.

OFFICIAL CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhDiogy78HMZpQ_nuHp1Rw/videos 

OFFICIAL POST: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9186-wip-tiberium-resurrection/ 

DOWNLOAD BETA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/efawb0d8on8tb7z/%255BTIBERIUM_RESURRECTION%255D.zip/file 

DOWNLOAD SKIRMISH MAPS: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dou5k7pm9tjptr9/[TR]+Skirmish.zip

Do not forget to report bugs and share your opinions about this project!

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3 000 views on cncnet, 1 600 views on ppmsite and 150 views on other sites
Thank you very, VERY much for being with me. I would never get this far without you! New skirmish map for [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] - "Islands of Destruction" is out! NOTE: Never play this map with "destroyable bridges" OFF! Always turn it ON! 
Map-making of this map:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URVDHUCa6bI&t=19s
Gameplay premiere of this map:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM0grsxVln4

Have a good day and wonderful summer holidays! I am going to take a break from Tiberian Sun for a few weeks. See ya in August!

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