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CYOR - Remastered Edition: Game Over


Message added by TheIrishman,


Killing You voted Shade939
Shade939 voted Killing You
Retaliation voted Shade938
There are 3/3 votes cast

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8 hours ago, Shade939 said:

Yep, then you have the three abilities/items used by Category 5, Chopbam and Killing_You.


7 hours ago, Louis said:


Killing You voted ChopBam

Shade939 voted Shade939

Category 5 Hurricane voted Chopbam

ChopBam voted Shade939

Retaliation voted ChopBam


There are 3 votes cast for Chopbam,

Chopbam has been found guilty. You have found him to be Lucifer.


Match's Satan Is Back as Big Wireless in a Mint Mobile Ad

You all have come together and found him as a Mafia!


Night Three


Nigh Three begins!



Wait, what about the abilities/items used? :s

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Day Four

The end is nigh...

You have found Category5Hurricane's body


He was Barok Van Zieks!

After rifling through his seemingly infinite assortment of pockets, storing copious amounts of various brands of wine, you find him to be Town!

Day Four

starts now

(I'm sorry for all the delays)

The game is in MYLO

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Just now, Shade939 said:

@ TheIrishman , can we resolve this day already then?

You really seem to be trying to drag things out when Town should have won already?

Now hold on, we can resolve this democratically.

That said, I vote for early resolution as well.

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It's an item, so there was always the possibility that I could've passed it to the wrong person, or it could be stolen. 'Tis why I kept it close to the chest for so long.

If it makes you feel any better, I designed the role around the character rather than trying to craft a specific role. I did that with all the roles I submitted, actually, since they were all Dead Legion characters. I just so happened to get one that was pretty useful, and also the character I play in the show.

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