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W3D Weekly #13 - 15/09/2021


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2 hours ago, 1000MammothTanks said:

Cool. Soviets were sorely missing a cheap vehicular anti-infantry unit.

How many infantry can the new unit carry?

Currently it doesn't carry passengers, although this wasn't always the case.

Originally it could carry three passengers in accordance with the vision of being a jack-of-all-trades middle ground between its more specialized Allied counterparts (the Ranger & APC), but unfortunately during testing it became apparent that this made the unit too powerful for its tier/price when combined with its other characteristics, so the current iteration of the unit is more akin to a 'heavy Ranger' rather than a 'light APC'.

But fret not, the unit is still a blast to drive! :biggrin: It zips across the battlefield at a speed that no other Soviet ground unit can match, which makes it their best choice for ground scouting and harassment, and its powerful DShK machine gun gives it a firepower very reminiscent of the APC, making it perfect for punching holes in enemy aircraft or hunting down enemy infantry. While slightly bulkier and a bit slower than the Ranger, it's also a bit more durable which in combination with its firepower makes the unit more fitting of the Soviets' 'big & strong but slow' playstyle compared to the Soviet Ranger, which was merely a direct copy-paste of the Allied one and always seemed kinda at odds with the rest of the Soviet arsenal.

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Wow, awesome replacement for the Soviet ranger, which sure did feel like a bandage, now it's fluffy and looks to be good fun. My first question is, is it aquatic? looks like it could be ;)

A map focused on Einsteins Lab? Hmm, a reboot of that 4 direction defend map? *crosses fingers*

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What, no mortar cycle?

*sad RA3 noises*


That vehicle/weapon texture needs a resolution increase, though. You should also consider raising the 'open truck' floor so the surface traction particles do not visibly bleed through the vehicle.  /nitpick!

It was probably a good call to not give it passengers - not without some tech that lets you actually damage those players when shooting their character models.

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