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  1. Cool. Soviets were sorely missing a cheap vehicular anti-infantry unit. How many infantry can the new unit carry?
  2. I like the points change but why not award the full 1875 points to the players? And ironically Chopbam got less points for destroying the War Factory after the change.
  3. Cool change to crouching. Can't wait to see the new routes this can enable. Now how about going prone/crawling?
  4. Reviving this thread to say MAD tanks costs too much for what they do. They cost as much as a demo truck but it is almost never worth it to buy a MAD tank over a demo truck. They both fall into the same niche and have the same downside (defenseless) but MAD tanks are so much slower and you need at least 3 of them to be any significant threat, which is just too much manpower and credits to ask given the low player base.
  5. Refills are disabled if damaged recently, maybe the same could apply to repairs? Or maybe reduce the rate of repairs while under attack. Or set the tank's ammo to 0 while being repaired so there's incentive to get off the repair pad. btw I hope repairing ships will also be free.
  6. I suppose this doesn't exist yet, can you guys please add it?
  7. Is there a setting to automute the game if it's in the background?
  8. Oh I'm serious. Do you know how much it costs to repair 1000 Mammoth Tanks?!
  9. The service depot shouldn't cost money to use. Infantry refills are free so tank repairs should also be free. Not to mention, the help message that displays when you drive on doesn't even say repairs cost money!
  10. Please prevent self-detonating demo trucks from damaging your own secondary structures (sd, defenses, etc). Self-detonating doesn't damage your primary buildings so it should not damage your secondary buildings either.
  11. The problem is that there's no infantry counter to Tanya so it is extremely hard to kill her within 30 seconds and disarm the C4. In Renegade, Hotwire can also solo destroy buildings but she only has a dinky pistol to defend herself. It is much harder for Hotwire to protect her C4. Hotwire also has multiple c4s which potentially lets defenders save the building between detonations. I liked that. Especially if you could force her to detonate her remote charges early and repair the building before the timed charges detonated.
  12. Make Flamethrower Great Again. Increase the price of Rocket Soldiers. I think they are too cheap for how effective they are at destroying tanks. Increase the turn rate of cruisers. They are so frustrating to maneuver right now. Killing a main battle tank should kill or do massive damage to the infantry inside. Reduce the price of demolition trucks so more people buy them.
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