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W3D Weekly #16 - 07/10/2021


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Welcome to the 16th edition of W3D Weekly! It's a small update this week, but let's dive straight in.

Red Alert: A Path Beyond - 3.6 is Now Out!

Red Alert: A Path Beyond version 3.6 is now out! What are you waiting for!? Why are you reading this!? Go and play a round or ten!

We'll be organising a weekly play session in the calendar for those of you who like organised game times. Keep an eye out for those coming soon. These sessions won't have prizes associated with them or anything, but they will serve as a good organiser for those of you who want to play regular games moving forwards.

Also the winners of the game night are as follows!

  1. @ forg0ten1 - 13,015 Points
  2. @ Guard55  - 12,210 Points
  3. @ SilverShark  - 11,592 Points
  4. AgentDH1 - 10,810 Points
  5. @ NodGuy  - 9,582 Points

@ FRAYDO will be getting in touch with the winners for the prizes!

In the meantime, head over to @ Killing_You 's thread and join in on the discussion surrounding APB's newest vehicle, the BTR!


More info on what's next for APB will be arriving courtesy of @ ChopBam in next week's update! Until then, you have Guard Duty. :russkie:

Engine Team

@ CMDBob  reports that he has added new functionality that allows developers to completely remove the crosshair from the game. This is handy for anyone making anything that doesn't require crosshairs!

In other engine news, there is currently a bug where players can reset the last-hit timer on the Service Depot if they leave and re-enter the zone quickly enough. This will be fixed in the next patch of APB, so the Service Depot will know what you did. :toughguy:

That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more really great W3D content!



[blurb]Red Alert: A Path Beyond 3.6? BTR discussions? Crosshair removal options for developers!? come and read the latest news from the W3D Hub frontlines right here![/blurb]


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