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AR :: Mega Update

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Looking good! I remember testing Dune Patrol without textures. Glad you found some you like. Question: In APB, some of the buildings are a bit out of the way and as a result aren't used often in standard gameplay (specifically, StormyValley's church comes to mind while typing this). I love the idea of several buildings to use for cover and battlegrounds a-la Battlefield's urban maps. Are the placements for these any better to ensure they'll actually be used?

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44 minutes ago, moonsense715 said:




"The objects you see in this photograph are soviet missile silos, as you can see commander, they are a bit too close for comfort.
I believe Romanovs intention is to keep ourselves within your war" 

Love it, cant wait to play this game.
Also i love the new take with the gap generator ,and I hope it becomes better and more refined as the game develops, it sounds verry interesting indeed. 

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On 5/20/2022 at 3:16 PM, FRAYDO said:

Kyle Hill on Twitter: "https://t.co/INZ0yTpuJB" / Twitter

As someone who has struck a cow with a vehicle at highway speed, I can promise that occasionally they will try!

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4 minutes ago, Dadud said:

I've got about 35 years until retirement and I somehow still doubt this mod will be released by then

Well once you retire you should have more time to play right? So might be a good thing if it first releases by then ;)

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