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  2. While everybody is talking about MEMP, I wish to slightly draw your attention to the texture of weapon. Why did it lose its scuffs at edges? As far as I know, some units change their weapons while being elite, so you can apply those textures to new weapons to make people feeling like they used their weapons a lot to get veterancy points. I think, this is a great idea for you, dear developers of W3D Hub games. I am not forcing you, if you think that this is impossible to do, due to engine limitation or due to less interest in it, just say so.
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  4. Hello everybody Im newbe here but also a veteran (if i'm allowed to say so) in our small C&C community from 2001 to 2006 a was webmaster of polish C&C site Strefa C&C later called Imperium Westwood (created in 1998) (we have started our project once again after so many years offline this year so if u like please visit www.imperium-ww.pl or alias link www.commandandconquer.pl) - so in the middle of nowhere when all C&C sites were down/ cncden/raden/planetcnc and all others fantastic places - we want to uplink once again our lost databases do the command center. I was also a C&C Renegade Betatester when it was release my first steps in renegade u can cach here > https://imperium-ww.pl/tiberian-series/cc-renegade/cc-renegade-beta/ and my article - my first impression regarding C&C Renagde beta https://imperium-ww.pl/hq/artykuly/beta-testy-cc-renegade/ (all in polish but feel free to use google translate ). As u can figure out im not as young as i was before but Tiberium is still flows in my veins Born To Command! Command To Conquer!
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  6. Yeah, you should be good, Verti said that the last day to sign up was today and Verti already stated he was willing to have more than nine players in this game.
  7. At bare minimum you’d want the MEMP to follow your group as an insurance against a group of cloaked enemies (which is either a stealth tank or tanks/cyborgs hidden by a mobile stealth generator).
  8. Such an unusual-looking vehicle, that MEMP. Keep in mind that APB, Reborn, AR, etc. are partially restricted to the gameplay design present in the RTS games, and some of those RTS mechanics do not always translate to suitable FPS gameplay. This is why sometimes, some representation liberties are taken, and some deviation might occur here as well for the MEMP if FPS gameplay demanded it. As for APB's MAD Tank, I think you should bring that concern to Pushwall. I'm all-in for an improvement pass on niche-gameplay units. W3D as an engine isn't at fault here, it's just design-level decisions/restrictions that can prevent niche-roles from shining. Gameplay-wise there honestly is not a lot W3D can NOT do (it is why I still enjoy working with this engine).
  9. I can see the MEMP being utilized as an ambush vehicle, stopping Nod rushing with their vehicles and allowing GDI to fight it off. I like
  10. I died in the Champs game so I'm free now (game still ongoing so can't really talk about specifics though).
  11. MEMP will encourage teamplay. A good way to integrate it into the game is making the MEMP expensive (like 1600$), but is very effective for the late game support (proper armor, and speed, two EMP blast modes). A small area EMP blast by left clicking (e.g. 20 m radius) with direct impact and short cooldown (e.g. 3 seconds) and a big EMP blast by right clicking (e.g. 100 m radius) with delayed impact (e.g. 5 seconds) and high cool down (e.g. 20 seconds).
  12. If you do include me in the game you can assign a random house and role/whatever to me. I have no preference.
  13. Does MEMP disable vehicles of teammates, or just hostile vehicles?
  14. Testing sessions showed that the MEMP is actually getting a lot of use. I think the main difference between it and the MAD Tank is the fact that the MAD explodes when it's weapon goes off (so it's a one-time 2400 credit investment), while the MEMP can fire multiple times in one life. I won't go into too much more detail in case things change (or so I don't spoil future updates), but rest assured that the MEMP is far more useful and far more likely to be bought than a MAD.
  15. What's to stop the EMP from just becoming a MAD Tank? Something slow, rarely used effectively, and almost never bought? Utility vehicles don't have the best track record in W3D Games.
  16. Update: Last day to signup will be Sunday 16th then I'll start balancing the game and assigning roles.
  17. P1000 Ratte, because the Maus and the E-100 just wasn't big enough for Hitler. Also apparently for propulsion, the Ratte would've used engines off of either U-Boats or whatever battleships they had going at the time.
  18. News, the fresh ones: NEW FIXES - C&C_Under_EC was added to rotation as a first map in a list, GDI bots will now produce vehicles, finally - bots are mining doors on C&C_Under_EC as well - Nod Stealth Tanks are now not always visible, proceed with caution - vehicle which was purchased by living player will be protected against stealing by teammates with AI for some time - due to balance, bots on server were increased from 20 to 40 for each side of conflict, because... ...BOTS CAN GET IN VEHICLES - bots are now getting in vehicles, instead of just making them as self-driving vehicles, so expect resistance after you destroy them (for example, sniper shots for your Mobius) - bots can get in your APC, so you and your living friends can now organize fast attacks with bots in APCs - and, as in case with players, you can choose in regular Vehicle Menu, which bots have to be kicked out from vehicle, so you can get more engineers instead of soldiers (no icons this time, sorry about that) P. S.: I tested new updates locally, and after couple of tests I installed them on public server, as usual.
  19. Does Daniel work on these bots? I like them, cannot wait to try it in action, as I did it in APB server :D And good work on enhancing of textures, I totally appreciate this.
  20. New FinalSun mapping tutorial is out! If you want to learn, how to make custom maps for Tiberian Sun or just revise some of your knowledge, be sure to check FinalSun Complete Tutorial [P.1] - https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9934-finalsun-complete-tutorial-p1/
  21. Greetings, in this way i want to announce upcoming campaign I am working on. I called it [Tiberium Resurrection] - it tells story after Nod mission Sheep's clothing (where Nod undercover as GDI mass-murdered mutants and captured Tratos), so the relationship between GDI and Mutants is really bad. It will contain 3 missions for now (maybe i will add more later), few multiplayer / skirmish maps and some changes to environment (New tiberium type, paved cliffs - thanks to Holland.) It is not complete yet, however now I can tell that map will not be very big but there will be many triggers, and so i recommend you actually checking every black tile for text speech, bonus money or maybe something else . I will update this topic so you can see my progress and maybe some screenshots soon. I want to release first mission in november. Also, if you have any suggestions / requests / wishes / feedback, etc. just reply. Thats all for now, have a good day. <----------> MAPS <----------> 1st - [LOST SHEEP] Map progress: 100% Triggers and objectives progress: 1st - single unit: 100% 2nd - partial control: 90% 3rd - total control: 0% [SHORT BRIEFING] - - FULL map will have 4 objectives, BETA only 2 2nd - [NEVER-ENDING STORY] Map progress: 15% Triggers and objectives progress: 10% Progress updates: [SHORT BRIEFING] - - This will be stealthy mission. So be really careful. 3rd - (0%) [THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM] [SHORT BRIEFING] - - This one is just concept. It may change but most of the map should be city. OFFICIAL CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhDiogy78HMZpQ_nuHp1Rw/videos OFFICIAL POST: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9186-wip-tiberium-resurrection/ DOWNLOAD BETA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/efawb0d8on8tb7z/%255BTIBERIUM_RESURRECTION%255D.zip/file DOWNLOAD SKIRMISH MAP: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zdf99fl8q44bj7f/Fields_of_Insurgency_v4_%28FINAL%29.zip/file Do not forget to report bugs and share your opinions about this project!
  22. Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support! The Mobile EMP As many may have guessed from last week's footage, the Nod strike team was in fact ambushed by GDI's newest weapon: the Mobile EMP. Highly effective in disabling Nod vehicles and Cyborgs, the Mobile EMP will be a valuable asset for GDI forces on the battlefield. As it is unarmed, it will require support from other GDI units so it may play its role in the field. Mind the recharge time of the EMP blast, as once Nod forces have discovered the Mobile EMP in the field, they will waste no time in seeking out and destroying it. Mobile EMP in-game It should be noted that while ingame, the Mobile EMP is not yet final as we dabble around in emitters and textures. Otherwise, our testers have made effective use of the tank and we are drawing positive feedback of its inclusion and capabilities. We hope you will enjoy using this unit as much as our testers have. Weapon Updates: Part One Through cunning ingenuity, we have modified some models to experiment with pistol variants! Currently only the engineers and technicians have pistols, though the concept on the table is expanding this and providing sidearms to various other characters. As Nod will have three pistol variants, so will GDI. However, it is still a concept and may not see final release. As part of our updating process, the Burazu-zu Plasma Rifle wielded by the Nod Confessor has been cleaned up and given more style. The Brotherhood's finest warriors deserve the best equipment, after all! More weapon updates to come! Bot Support While I posted around TS:R news on ModDB and elsewhere, the question of bot support came up a couple of times. In response to that, please take a look at this image. Advanced bot support will be included in TS:R 2.0 in both offensive and defensive capability! While this image features only repair bots at work, notice the various characters responding in chat. I will provide more visuals of bot support and bots in action in a later update. That about wraps it up for this Thursday! The Reborn team thanks you for your continued patience and promise you will not be disappointed by the release! For pressing questions or inquiries, please post here and we will be happy to answer. [blurb]Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support![/blurb]
  23. Knoxx - Doesn’t like Monday’s (one of my favorite DLC endgame bosses)
  24. okay but seriously, that new logo is top quality -- absolutely amazing!
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