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    Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season! So I’ve actually stopped by to deliver an early Christmas gift. So here it is..... Tiberian Sun Reborn and all asset owenership will be turned over to W3dHub with no strings attached. Effective January,1 ,2021. I’ll be in contact with the proper people over the upcoming Holidays and handle everything on my end and with W3dhub staff to go over details. Basically that’s it. Wish you all the best! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
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    Wow, 2 roles with 100% stuck chance. HOW WILL WE USE NUMBERS TO WIN NOW?!?!?
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    Well I just lost a 5$ bet, but in a good way
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    APOCALYPSE RISING MAFIA GAME ONE I don't think any introduction is necessary, but I do think after Killing_You's thrillingly successful Tiberian Sun Mafia game, it's a good idea to keep up the adrenaline rush. You can view the previous mafia game to get an idea of how it works. Below is the roster for this game, subject to change of course up until 72 hours before game start. ROLE QUANTITY DAY ACTION NIGHT ACTION Conscript 5 ##SHOOT <target> - Attempt to shoot and kill y
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    yay now i can finaly see reborn multiplayer for the first time in my life
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