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  1. Why yes....makes more sence to me now, was allot of fun to play until Nod used those cloaked missle launchers
  2. Speaking of prism great model btw, in an interesting note I got a sort of preview of a prism in renegade there are a few servers (gsa) or maps that have ALLOT of inf and vehicles to choose from in renagade, red alert 1, 2 and tiberian sun it is trully massive and there is a version of the prism in there (romonovs model is better)
  3. Great article, it was how I found APB (beta) back in the day in gameinformer (I think)
  4. HA, I was just thinking about volcano and was hoping for more maps on delta, speaking of volcano if you have a good soviet team then you can defend the early LT rush out of the maps I miss Fjord and Volcano and The Woods Today the most!!!!!
  5. LOL yep, Invader Zim the cartoon show is hilarious and his name and the last letters of my name online match, and yes I'm an adult who loves anime and cartoons besides adults make them...im in a good stable place so you will see me much more now thank goodness cause I missed playing
  6. I will be joining both!!!
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