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  1. Not to phoenix down, but since I know I don't have all of you on facebook - introducing Emberlyn
  2. Now that my entire family knows I'll announce it here. If all goes as well, in January of 2018 an AkheroMini shall greet this world. This is my first, so naturally I'm nervous, happy, scared shitless, excited, etc. Any 'veterans' out there have any advise for a first time daddy? :)
  3. Everything was running fine originally. Grabbed a rocket soldier and headed for the back flame tower. Upon firing the first shot on the FT, it gave a little FPS hiccup and then crashed with the 'Renegade encountered an unexpected error' message. crashdump.20170521-160745-r8474-n1.dmp
  4. Yep, tried running as admin after the first two tries. No effect. It can be, but I don't think it was the problem as usually if it's causing an interruption in a program functioning properly it tells me something along the lines of "Hey! We think you're really stupid for opening or executing this! Don't do it! Or.. do but don't say we didn't tell you so!" Edit: Like I said, it's working fine now with me having done no changes whatsoever to anything. I just worry maybe someone else could have the same issue and not have it self-repair.
  5. Had the launcher update today (somewhere around 900 kb) and after updating every time I would try to switch to the Server Browser tab it instantly stopped responding and had to be force closed. Rebooted, same problem persisted. It seems to be working alright now after about the 5th or 6th attempt, but I figured I'd still send the report in case others are also having this issue. If any other info about my system is needed git at me! DxDiag.txt diagnostics.log errors.log
  6. Eggman's lolmap. Nothing beats tin can Yaks and googly eyed LTs.
  7. Years ago I remember on the MP forums there was a 'show yer faces' topic that I believe was started by AmunRa (rest easy brother.. I'll always look back fondly of our random 3am webcam shenanigans). I thought it might be kind of fun to do something similar but rather than putting up hideous mugs of ourselves, show off where you go to unwind and play some W3D games instead! So let's see 'em! What's your "get away" at home look like? 1: Walking into my reclusive lair. 2: Where APB comes to life 3: Old Dell desktop with Windows 98 installed to play older PC games without having to deal with the headaches of compatibility issues. 4: Retro station. 5: Had to throw one in there of a few of my AKs for anyone else like myself that enjoys gun porn If you're wondering what's up with the ridiculous amount of incense all over the place - Well I had planned on starting up an online store a few years back and then just didn't.
  8. Enjoy my last few days of 'vacation' spending time with the wife and fitting in as much SNES as possible. It's not really a vacation so to speak, but it's time away from stressing none the less. The way our system works where I work is if you get 'bumped' by someone with higher seniority or your position gets abolished, you have 10 days to kind of float in railroad limbo and you don't have to find another spot to place yourself for that time period. Monday my clock runs out. Section foreman here I come!
  9. I'll second what Jack said about being excited to bring in more people to play these games. From watching APB grow from it's origins back in the days of RenAlert to where it's at today as well as TSR and AR - I'd say everyone involved in taking things to where they are today is doing/has done a kick ass job and all deserve a round of applause. Getting more players has always seemed to be this community's achilles' heel. I know it's a work in progress, but when the time is right to really hit it let me know and I'll be more than happy to help in any way I can.
  10. I'd like to make a little sound pack as well, problem lies in accurately recording the sounds. I've got all sorts of firearms from AK-47s, AK-74s, M16, M4, a bunch of pistols.. but every time I try to record them it just doesn't do them justice. Anybody have an recommendations for a good mic that might actually be able to capture the sound correctly without costing thousands of dollars? :x
  11. Yeah, if it all pans out count me in. I'll throw in $100.
  12. Sounds fun. I'm all for drawing more players in. I could pitch in some as well for prize money.
  13. Welcome back dude. I just recently got back in the swing of things here too
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