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  1. Having some issues with downloading game; can you check my post?
  2. Hey there :). Returning RA:APB fan here. Recently, I had to reinstall my computer, and as such, my APB installation went away. So I tried downloading the launcher, and my problems are 2fold: It says there's an update available right away. If I try to install it, I get this error, admin rights or not: Failed to install update. Error: Failed to extract updage package. Error: 1 is not a supported code page. Parameter name: codepage Then it opens the launcher like nothing happened. Afterwards, I try downloading A Path beyond (Also tried this with TS: REborn) But for some reason, it messes up every time with the MVSC-2015 file. And I get the "installation failed" message. I also tried uninstalling the Launcher folder as per this guide: To no use. I see this fella here had the same problem with installing as I had, but he had a working APB installation on another computer. I do not, but I will try installing on my laptop (Currently on stationary). For now, I'm pretty lost and sad that I can't play my beloved APB :(. I try reinstalling Visual Studio packages and update. Do you have any suggestions? errors.log
  3. Good thing you will be able to see us another day. :). Its a shitty surgery, why arent you shooting lasers afterwards?
  4. Is he even still around anymore? I havent seen that guy in at least a decade
  5. Hoping you are up to some exciting stuff in this weekend, besides a little APB of course! What are your plans?
  6. I figure that wasn't aimed for me. I approve of this change because I see it as where you could do something like filling a few Mammoths up with Volkovs, and then let the passengers get dropped off to mess with internal repair efforts, you now have to either get more tanks to achieve same distance driven in tanks, or you have to coordinate with your team. My only real complaint would be that you have to coordinate, but then again, it IS a team game after all. . Any case, the votes are in, the changes are implemented, lets see how it works out. If it turns out that we get kicked in the nuts, cancer or something other unfortunate related to the MBT changes, well, I suppose its easier to reverse the changes than unkick a groin.
  7. My biggest concern with this update is the removal of the carpooling ability for MBTs. Think of the children memes environment! What about all the CO2 we could have saved by driving more than 1 man per vehicle? Now people are going to want a tank for themself! Disclaimer: All the above is bullshit, and it seems like a great minipatch
  8. So we can expect this sometime in the begining of 2018?
  9. You are never going to get a job in a ridiculously big game studio with the attitude of not releasing something utterly unplayable. *Disclaimer: This is more a jab at larger studios' practice of releasing unpolished, unfinished garbage in order to meet deadlines, not at the developers behind Reborn, APB or AR.
  10. I love the look of that G.I model. He has the characteristic Renegade derp face.
  11. Would that then be for TSR or APB?
  12. You've done it again Pushwall! See you tomorrow
  13. About the Industrial Plant; I'd say it adds extra work to your burdens and further delay a release of AR. It could be added later on.
  14. Im out of the loop: BlueHell? Not referring to the former studios?
  15. Looking forward to have my arse handed by you guys. Also, big thumbs up for announcing a day well ahead. Makes me look more forward to it when I am sure that there will be players.
  16. Hey, I know that guy in the video!
  17. You are not allowed to leave us ever again. I hope to see you during the weekend!
  18. Soooo, yes? I am also super stoked to see vehicle bots!
  19. Raining down construction options, I see?
  20. Your friend is not wrong. Why is everything so good when I am not using it
  21. The bots being added to the game is probably the best thing to happen to fans of AR since grilled cheese sandwiches.
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