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  1. i like to sneak presents into only the houses of good boys
  2. im still logged in but i forgot my password so i cant log in on my launcher.
  3. good update i always felt as if w3d games dident have enough infantry weapons and items except for IA
  4. this is a great month for us all at w3dhub
  5. yay now i can finaly see reborn multiplayer for the first time in my life
  6. so Renegade is TD but in a diffrent place where GDI was testing new tech with havoc and any nearby units and Nod decided to "Yep i'ma take this Thanks". or renegade is its own version of TD which gave us remastered kanes "death".
  7. are you accepting models and things made from the communtey that may speed up devloment?
  8. how do i download this map? the link is dead
  9. i like this game alot but when is there going to be another update?
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