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CYOR - Remastered Edition: Game Over


Message added by TheIrishman,


Killing You voted Shade939
Shade939 voted Killing You
Retaliation voted Shade938
There are 3/3 votes cast

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Just now, Killing_You said:

It's an item, so there was always the possibility that I could've passed it to the wrong person, or it could be stolen. 'Tis why I kept it close to the chest for so long.

If it makes you feel any better, I designed the role around the character rather than trying to craft a specific role. I did that with all the roles I submitted, actually, since they were all Dead Legion characters. I just so happened to get one that was pretty useful, and also the character I play in the show.

And yes, for those of you that don't have me on social media or anything, this technically counts as a face reveal :D

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3 minutes ago, Retaliation said:

I was probably the lynch in the case where cat5 doesn't realize that he's insane.

It doesn't really matter if a Cop is insane, regardless of what it's called he gets the same names for the same alignment.

Also, I could have a passive godfather ability some nights, so that might have actually helped him out...

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7 hours ago, Shade939 said:

Of course not, who would think there's would be a TP in an eight player game, with two Mafia in it already?

Yeah, gotta keep them guessing :b

7 hours ago, Shade939 said:

It doesn't really matter if a Cop is insane, regardless of what it's called he gets the same names for the same alignment.

Also, I could have a passive godfather ability some nights, so that might have actually helped him out...

Yeah again, helps/hurts for the balancing.

7 hours ago, Shade939 said:

The other problem was yet again Chopbam couldn't use his day action effectively because there was a specific counter in game for it.

I mean, there has to be counter in a game this small, but Cat5 had the biggest target on his back and no way to defend himself.

And KY could've been killed while hiding behind the wrong target, RB'd and NK'd, Lynched, had his item stolen, or killed by iLTS. Don't worry, I tried my best to keep things balanced and ready for any outcome. I'm sorry if they turned out to be less than expected.

You might not have been lynched if you didn't try to distract everyone away from ChopBam before, but that action can't be helped since you were just trying to help your teammate. Anyway GG everyone.

A new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 with Keanu Reeves "Johnny Silverhand."

Keanu mother fucking Reeves. No explanation needed.

He has been revealed to be Mafia!

Game Over
All hostile players have been eliminated. Town wins!
Mafia's Goal: To equal or outnumber all other players.
Third Party's Goal - Scales of Justice: To save a life with the shield and the take a life with the notebook.
Dangerous Duo - ChopBam & Shade939: They did great as a scum team. Shade had everyone fooled because he was completely logical for once and ChopBam along with Cat5's copping him, was able to fool everyone for almost long enough to win.
In Another World Line - Jeod: He only died because it was a No Lynch, he would've lived otherwise, but if he did Trounce then it would've been a much shorter game.
Best Cop - Retaliation: Somehow as a weaker ability that could only see an ability's name, seemed to have helped solve more than anyone else initially. Scum was actually more afraid of him than Cat5. And he was the first person to discover ChopBam's actual ability which lead to him latching onto him and voting.
Lucky Cop? Objection! - Category5Hurricane: With his Not Guilty verdict ChopBam was cleared which almost led to Mafia winning without trying. If he copped anyone but iLTS, it might've gone very differently. But Town would have definitely lost without him. If his character wasn't insane, he would've nailed scum N1.
Best Detective - FRAYDO: Although mostly unseen and unnoticed, he figured out Shade was scum sooner than anyone else.
Gummy Power - Killing_You: Played smart and helped ensure Town's victory. Also without his medicinal use of THC, Town would've lost.
Unlucky Ones - Jeod and Orange: By fate's and Cat5's decree, their lives were short-lived and underutilized. It's also due to this that the post count was so low :b
Google Docs:
After Game Thoughts:
Scum did very well off initially, especially when coasting through the D2 lynch of Orange. If they killed anyone but iLTS, then things would've been much better for them. Though the same would be true if Cat5 copped someone else. But the game was full of many what-ifs. The Third Party was meant to be a balancing act, mostly in the case of one of the Mafia players dying off D1 or D2. I think it worked out, but I might've made the win condition too difficult, especially since there wasn't any way for iLikeToFRAYDO pry anybodies' actual name. I feel mostly bad about the chaotic Day and Night starts and how much that affected the game.
If there's anything balance-wise that you think I should've changed or maybe a mechanic you'd like to suggest, please do. Or just in general, tell me what you thought of the game, thanks!
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The fact that the game could have been over after N2 was a big yikes, but we managed to avoid that.

I really do think that if Shade hadn't gone all-in on his scummy Day 3 play to try to get lynched then, he could've won Day 4. I never saw anything scummy from him until he flipped that switch. Unfortunately that reverse psychology didn't work. I wasn't going to be convinced that scum didn't want Shade lynched when ChopBam was double-voting for it. All it did was make Shade look scummier than Retal, and eliminated his last chance.

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I’ve just pieced together that Dave is a character from KY’s upcoming series, Dead Legion. The one he’s playing himself in fact! If no last name is provided in the series, I could assume I would have been able to successfully write off Dave in my Death Note as well. I’ll have to check with KY on that after the game.

@ FRAYDO  Dave's last name is never said in the series and I didn't submit one, so yes, you could've totally debt noted me. :P

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