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  1. Yesterday
  2. aaaaaaaa

    Teamwork owns. Fuck skill.
  3. dblaney1

    That wasn't a bug lol. I used a command to make you fly in the air that day LOL.
  4. dblaney1

    I need to fix the ceiling on those maps to only have physical collisions, not projectile collisions.
  5. jonwil

    They are definitely in the right format and can be analyzed.
  6. TemporaryName

    yea the same with mortar
  7. aaaaaaaa

    Bug abuse. (ban?) Map Mt.bog has quite low height limit. I can't use peony on the hill. Its shells get stopped in the skies. (Low height limit / invisible wall) Same problem with other old map, elbrus missiles fly into skies and blow up there (even if firing position is not on the hill). Look screenshot of this map: @yap @dblaney1 Please fix.
  8. aaaaaaaa

    omg what a n00b, use primary fire with shotgun. Shotgun primary fire now is OP. I can headshot you with a shotgun in 100 meters range. (From one building to another one in this map) Shotgun 10-15 times stronger than aa-20 pellet. Pls buff pellet. @developers
  9. Veyrdite

    I don't know what to say. I have an election next month. > Learn to help to your team mates and not only stay and defend your own ass. > Show me a person who getting pleasure of losing, I'll tell you that he is just sick. Only victory is a fun thing. > useless n00b, no victory for you Damn party rhetoric.
  10. Veyrdite

    My dumps explicitly start with the words "WINE" and "Linux 4.1x.x", so I'm not sure if they're in the correct format. I rarely hit crashes, so I can't properly describe the situations these occurred in. crashdump.20190223-080751-r8248-n1.dmp crashdump.20190313-103934-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190415-023530-r8269-n1.dmp
  11. Good Evening all. I have been playing IA recently and it crashes from time to time and then asks for me to post it on W3DFourms to help diagnose what the hell happened. Rather than click "Ok" and say whatever (As %99.9 of times everyone does) i'm posting all the DataDumps the game gave me at the time of crashing to help incase anyone wants to fix or look into it. crashdump.20180930-014840-r8149-n1.dmp crashdump.20181112-003928-r8166-n1.dmp crashdump.20190217-063150-r8239-n1.dmp crashdump.20190315-050720-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190327-044728-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190328-033037-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190405-015131-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190407-044708-r8267-n1.dmp crashdump.20190413-034743-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190413-042304-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190415-033358-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190417-044910-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190419-081603-r8269-n1.dmp invalididdump.20190410-030857-r8269.bin
  12. Veyrdite

    We're talking about several different things, I'm not clear on what you're asking.. Do you mean: "changing between one hitscan bullet effect and another different non-hitscan bullet effect doesn't help the player understand that the damage and warhead types have also changed"?
  13. Pushwall

    No, being a hitscan bullet versus a non-hitscan bullet.
  14. Veyrdite

    Making the weapon name change? Maybe. Until DB explained it to me manually I had no clue what the difference between HE* and AP warheads were. I presume many players don't either. But I did at least guess that it meant primary & secondary fire.
  15. Pushwall

    A change like that doesn't really give you much indication of how its effectivenesses have changed though, right?
  16. Veyrdite

    The secondary fire for the shotgun looks very different, but the difference between primary and secondary is not documented in the weapon name (like with vehicles). I've stuck to the secondary because it's hitscan, whilst the primary takes a few frames to reach the enemy. It's generally easier to see when you have hit using the secondary.
  17. Pushwall

    And people wonder why I'm reluctant to go the route of secondary fires that are effective against different targets than the primary fire while looking exactly or almost identical to the primary...
  18. notDMB

    Grenadiers OP Pls nerf
  19. Last week
  20. Veyrdite

    O.o /topicover So the 'range' and 'effective range' settings in LE no longer have their traditional meanings? (it's been many years, I may have the names wrong. IIRC Bullets had a range they were 100% damage up to, and then another range they would still exist to but with reducing damage) I enjoy finding new and different tactics to play. If I stuck to those weapons all of the time I wouldn't want to play IA at all.
  21. dblaney1

    Use the left click against grenadiers. The right click uses a flamebased heat weapon that doesn't damage the grenadiers flame shield well. The primary fire which uses a normal shotgun shell does.
  22. Pushwall

    This isn't even a thing in scripts 4.x, distance has no effect on damage. This is only a possibility if the shotgun's damage is all or mostly splash-based. Even so, it wouldn't be this consistently bad if this was the case (and you'd see some instances of yourself clearly missing the enemy with all your pellets but still doing some damage to them). I'd say this is the most likely factor since it appears the shotgun never did noteworthy damage to them in that entire clip even with a clean hit. Another possibility is that the grenadier has some wrongly labelled hitboxes (such as a torso that takes damage like it's a foot instead of, y'know, a torso) but that would cause every non-splash weapon to suffer against them, so this probably isn't it.
  23. Threve

    Honestly there are so many factors going into this it isn’t worth worrying or stressing over. 1. More than likely is internet connection where it registered a direct hit on your computer but it wasn’t for the server. 2. The armor on GDI Grenadier could be biased against those Shotgun projectiles for whatever reason as this game has over 1000 things going on with it at all times in terms of armor classes, weapon damage and such. 3. The Shotgun is ultimately an irrelevant weapon as with every other gun but the Lancer, Volt Auto, Railgun/PIC, Grenades, Mantis Tiberium Auto Rifle and Rep Gun. 4. The only thing that matters for 90% of Maps/Games is vehicles purchases anyways unless it’s a Power-suit Rush or Spy. As for the Objects.ddb they can be extracted with RenegadeEx in the data folder I believe of IA (though I think these are for all things from finally renegade and not IA). If they’re not there then go to the TTFS Folder and they will be in there. I saw them earlier while editing the strings.tdb. If you still can’t find them just let me know and i’ll Post it.
  24. This is an experiment of uploading a short video clip to the forum. I'd like to see if it works out well, or causes issues for hosting. Staff: please comment. Please excuse the blurriness. I record in quarter resolution (1080p/2 = 540p) and for this upload I'm stuck using x264+aac to maintain web browser viewing compatibility. I'd prefer to upload an x265+opus as it gets me about half the size for the same quality, but that's a compatibility nightmare. I wanted to improve my shotgun play, so I recorded a match and played it back frame by frame. I discovered I'm missing a lot more shots than I realise and I'm engaging from too far away. Nonetheless: I'm still left feeling there's something I don't understand. Grenadiers felt almost invulnerable to shotgun fire. Take a look: 2019-04-18 shotgun render3 crf=25.mp4 I'd like to try some static tests, but unfortunately there are no convenient default .mixes with standing bots I can play on LAN. Dblaney and Yap have a test map (dblaney_content1? blu-dblaney?) but it's in ttfs, which as far as I can tell means I can't play it on lan without configuring an FDS Question: If I want to make a quick IA map then where do I find objects.* and is there anything else special I need to do?
  25. This is awesome! I shall now play this song to honour this event.
  26. FRAYDO

    @Category 5 Hurricane @Jeod
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